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Puerto Galera Restaurant Guide

Puerto Galera Restaurant Guide

Puerto Galera is an island in the Philippines known for wonderful beaches and blue waters. It has been a main tourist attraction for many years now. It offers various sites for snorkeling and diving. This is why there are many hotels in the area as well as restaurants. The beach is the perfect setting for a wonderful time eating your favorite dishes with your family or friends. The following are some of the best and well know restaurants in Puerto Galera:

1. Hemingway Bar and Restaurant

This restaurant and bar has become famous spot because it is a favorite place among several famous writers for travel books and magazines. The menu they offer is really unique. They made the famous writer Ernest Hemingway as the main theme of the restaurant. The dishes itself is a representation of the travels that Hemingway made in his life. The dishes they offer have Caribbean, Italian and Spanish influences because these are the places that Hemingway frequented. The cuisine can be described as mostly Western and Mediterranean in nature. Many food critic recommends their Cuban inspired dishes like pasta and seafood paella. The cost of a dish in this restaurant begins at one hundred twenty pesos. A complete meal for a couple with drinks can reach four hundred pesos which is not that bad considering the delicious taste of the food. Hemingway Bar and Restaurant is located in the Sabang beach side.

2. Captain Greggs

Capt’n Greggs is another popular restaurant in the Sabang side area. It is famous for the nautical appeal of the whole restaurant. They have designed the whole area with life rafts, ropes and things you can find in a ship. They also offer their patrons a good view of the nearby sea. They serve western dishes. Many customers order dishes with seafood like prawn. They offer the prawns with butter, curried, steamed or plain with vegetables, rice or potatoes. This restaurant is also recommended for vegetarians because they also offer other seafood and vegetables. Capt’n Greggs also offer breakfast meals with American, English,Australian and Filipino dishes. A lunch that has two meals and drinks costs three hundred fifty pesos. You can inquire about their other dishes by calling them at 63-43-724-8535.

3. Tamarind Restaurant

This is a restaurant in the Sabang side known for their steaks and pork ribs. They serve them in huge portions. The dishes they serve are continental and Filipino. People go here for dinner and for drinking beer and other liquor. They have a bar that offers different drinks like cocktails and wine. The costs of one meal starts at three hundred pesos however the huge portions of the food can be eaten by two persons already.

4. Sunshine Coast Restaurant and Bar

This is another bar and restaurant that is found in the beach of Sabang. They serve international dishes like pasta, meat dishes and steaks. Every night they highlight an international dish. Every Tuesday it is Indian food so you can order famous Indian dishes along with their regular dishes. Every Wednesday is Japanese and Thursday nights they offer Greek dishes. They also have a bar where you can buy different cocktails and alcoholic drinks.

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