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Bohol Transportation

Bohol Transportation

Despite being an island, Bohol is very much accessible different modes of transportation. Here we will look at the various Bohol transportation options.

By Air

If you are coming from Manila, the most convenient and quickest mode of transportation is to book a flight to Tagbilaran City. There are three major carriers serving the airport namely Asian Spirit, Philippine Airlines, and Laoag International Airlines. While there are scheduled daily flights, the flight schedules may vary so you need to check it with the carriers.

If you are coming from another country and want to avoid Ninoy Aquino International Airport, the best thing to do is book a flight form your country of origin to Cebu City as your entry point. From Mactan International Airport, take a connecting flight to Tagbilaran City. If there are no connecting flights, another option is to spend the night in Mactan or take a boat ride going to Tagbilaran.

By Sea

Sea travel is the cheaper option if you want to go to Bohol. There are different shipping lines that travel from Manila, Cagayan, Cebu, Dumaguete, and Dipolog. Majority of these ships stop at Tagbilaran City Pier while others make their stop over at Jagna, Jetafe, Ubay, Tubigon, and Buenavista.

Aside from the Super Ferry and other regular boats, there are also fastcrafts available. There are daily trips from Cebu and vice versa and you have the option to take fastcraft or regular boats. Trips from Manila and other points of origin have varying schedules during the week. For island hopping, you can rent small boats or bancas.


There are different modes of Bohol transportation once you are in the province already. Tagbilaran City has tricycles, multicabs, and aircon taxis that will take you to any point in the province. Within the city, the regular fare is P7.00. For taxis, the regular flagdown rate is P35.

From Tagbilaran City to the various towns, there are buses, aircon vans, and taxis that are available. They are easily accessible at the Pier and airport. Depending on where you are going or the duration of use, the rates will vary. Most commuters use public or mini buses located at Tagbilaran City Grand Terminal.

If you are going to the terminal from Tagbilaran City, there are tricycles, taxis, or multicabs that will take you to the Tagbilaran City Integrated Bus Terminal.

With various Bohol transportation options available at your disposal, a trip to this province will be truly worthwhile.

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