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Ormoc Travel Agents

Ormoc Travel Agents

Welcome to Ormoc City

One of the most generous and hospitable people in terms of accommodation and warm welcome is the Ormocanons. Ormocanons are the people or the locals of Ormoc City. They are for the most part Cebuano-speaking natives (since they are Cebuano-speakers in Southern Leyte and Leyte, they are also referred as ‘Kana’). This Cebuana influence was due to the fact that Ormocanos relate more to Cebu and other neighboring municipalities and towns than to the eastern Leyte itself. Catholic-themed religious festivities are celebrated and observed the whole year round and these feasts have been the clear manifestation of the influence of Catholic religion.

Ormoc City and Tourism

Getting a chance staying at Ormoc City should be capped by visiting these beautiful landmarks and tourist attractions. Situated at the north part of Brgy. Hibunawon, Ormoc’s pineapple plantation could be visited. Unoficially, this plantation is an icon of the city since it produces the Queen Pineapple of Ormoc. These pineapples unique taste is absolutely fitting for a title of a queen and best for ‘pasalubong’ (tagalong term for a ‘to go’ meal intended for relatives or acquaintances). If tourists would like to do some bonding times or picnics, the Centennial Park (which is located in the city), is one of the best places to consider. The Tongonan Hotsprings National Park is the home for geothermal power supply for the whole region. It is the first operational geothermal plant in the Philippines. The Leyte Golf and Country Club provides an eighty-hectare of golfing field suitable for tourists who are aficionados of the sports or game. A tourist could not be considered to be at Ormoc City without checking out the violin-shaped Danao Lake. Around the lake are boats and floating cottages for rent.

Enjoying the Beauty of Ormoc with a Little Help

Enjoying the Ormoc City and its wonders is just a fraction of the adventure. Another thing to consider is how a tourist could have a worthwhile stay in Ormoc City. Travel agents and as per recommendation, refer and suggest the Sabin Resort Hotel. It is a beachfront facility just a few minutes away (though riding a jeep or driving) from the city vicinity or proper of Ormoc. Accommodation in this hotel resort is very good. The swimming pool is very cozy and well-lit. A touch of the Filipino spirit is showcased at the living rooms where native furniture or fixtures are displayed. There a lot of travel agents from noted travel and tours agencies listed on the internet. The booming industry of eco-tourism made an impact for the local government to take heed or answer the call of necessity in terms of the needs of tourists and visitors alike. Just relax: the journey has just begun.

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