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Subic Bay Hospitals and Health Care

Subic Bay Hospitals and Health Care

One of the industrializing and inviting places in the Philippines, Subic Bay features different kinds of health care institutions that provide efficient, reliable and high quality medical services to tourists and residents in the area. Subic Bay hospitals and health care establishments ensure patients of reasonable medical costs and immediate response to emergency cases. To address the medical concerns of patients, these institutions employ licensed and outstanding health care professionals who are knowledgeable on various fields. Below are some of the popular and top health care establishments in Subic Bay.

TotalMed Subic Ambulatory and Medical Center

One of the tertiary medical care establishments that offer high quality services to patients is the TotalMed Subic Ambulatory and Medical Center. This health care facility specializes in different fields including pathology, radiology and pediatrics. In addition to this, physicians at the hospital also have sufficient understanding on general surgery, cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology as well as opthalmology. To enhance the accuracy of diagnosis and treatments, TotalMed Subic Ambulatory and Medical Center uses advance and efficient equipment like the two-dimensional echo with Doppler and the 12 lead EKG. To get immediate response from the medical staff at this institution, patients can always reach its administrative staff at (047)-252-2623.

Lifeline Medical Center

Patients who like to be admitted in a hospital that employs competent physicians and health care staff can always visit Lifeline Medical Center. This health care establishment specializes in various areas of medicine such as nephrology, pediatrics, orthopedics as well as urology. In addition to these, physicians at the health care center have sufficient understanding on cardiology and general medicine. Since this is a private hospital, patients are encouraged to allot sufficient amount of money before they consult and have treatments at Lifeline Medical Center.

Baypointe Hospital and Medical Center

Situated at Moonbay Marina in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Baypointe Hospital and Medical Center offers first class treatments to patients. For the comfort of patients, this health care establishment features a wellness center, private rooms as well as a conference room. The costs of treatments and consultations at this medical establishment are cheaper than the medical costs in other Subic Bay hospitals and health care facilities because medical professionals and physicians offer discounts. Patients have nothing to worry if they want to seek help from the medical staff and physicians at this place because they are competitive and reliable. Some of the medical doctors employed at this institution excel in the fields of general surgery, family medicine, pediatrics as well as emergency medicine.

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