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Subic Bay Sightseeing and Activities

Subic Bay Sightseeing and Activities

Subic Bay offers many types of activities and places to visit for sightseeing tourists. This former American naval base is now a center for business and tourism. Below are some of the places that make Subic Bay unique.

Extreme Adventure Park

As the name implies, Extreme Adventure Park has facilities that will make anyone’s adrenaline pumping. With Subic’s jungle setting, it is expected that there are many exciting activities within Extreme Adventure Park. This park is usually used by groups on a teambuilding outing. In the face of unique and challenging circumstances, they learn to trust in each other to complete an activity. Safety professionals and top-notch equipment ensure the visitor’s safety.

Visitors will get the thrill of their life in Slide For Life, Hanging Bridge and The Wall. In Slide For Life, a person will be suspended on a cable tied on top of two trees. The person will then slide from one tree to another. In Hanging Bridge, adventurers will be walking a wooden bridge suspended atop the Subic jungle. This activity seems like they are walking on top of the forest. The Wall is designed for endurance and bravery. Tourists need these attributes to scale over the wall from one side to another.


No, it is not a place for clowns and comedians. JEST stands for Jungle Environment Survival Training. Local Aeta guides give demonstrations on how to survive in a jungle. Getting drinking water, starting a fire using a dried bamboo, detecting edible plants, cooking rice inside a bamboo, making tools out of nothing are some of the skills that a visitor will learn from JEST Camp
The camp also has a butterfly garden, cafeteria, mini-zoo and souvenir shop

Hiking in Subic

For the more adventurous who wants to explore the Subic jungle. The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Tourism Department and Freeport Services Corporation offers tours that will take an adventurer deep in the forest of Subic. Visitors will be accompanied by a guide and be led to some of the best places inside the Subic jungle like Baton Falls, Hidden Falls, El Kabayo Falls, Pamulaklakin Forest Trail and Pamulaklakin River.


For those who are into car racing, Subic Bay has Subic Le-Man’s Go Cart Track and the Subic International Raceway. The Subic International Raceway is used for races for Formula 3, motorcycles, Philippine National Touring Car series and SVI Grand Prix. For those who are not content in just watching these exciting motor racing, the Tuason Racing School and Ramirez Racing School instruct wanna-be racers on race car driving.

Ocean Adventure Amusement Park

This park is a haven for those who want to see and experience marine life. There are a lot of activities for visitors inside Ocean Adventure. The Discovery Aquarium and Learning Center are activities that showcase and teach about preserving marine life. In the The Dolphin And Friends Show, tourist will get to see tricks being performed by killer whales and dolphins. The Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show showcases sea lions performing amusing tricks.

Zoobic Safari

This facility offers safaris where visitors get to ride inside a specially equipped vehicle. While inside the vehicle, visitors get to see tigers up close. Aside from the tiger safari, other features and activities include Adventure Animal Rides. Croco Loco, Educational Show, Savannah, Serpentarium, Rodent World and Zoobic Park.

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