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Iloilo Sightseeing Guide

Iloilo Sightseeing Guide

This Iloilo sightseeing guide can show you some of the best tourist spots to drop by when in the province. Although there are scores of places you can check out, these landmarks are among the sites you shouldn’t miss out on.

Iloilo sightseeing guide: historical sites

One of the most popular locations is the Japanese Fortification, which was built by the Japanese during the war. The remains are still visible and can give one insights into the situation during the war era. Another landmark is the Plaza Libertad, located in the capital city. It is the place where the flag of the Republic was raised following the surrender of the Spaniards.

When in the city you might also want to visit other famed landmarks such as the Spanish Bailiwick, a fortress, the Andonna Creek (landing location of the datus), the Molo District and Fort San Pedro. This was an edifice developed by the Spaniards sometime in the 1600s and the site of numerous battles against the US forces and also the Dutch.

Iloilo sightseeing guide: cultural locations

The Guimbal Watchtowers, located some 30 km off the capital, was established as a warning beacon against pirates and invaders headed to the city. Although very old enough remains to give one the idea of the important role the structure played in olden times.

The residence of Magdalena Jalandoni is another cultural highlight of Iloilo. A well known and respected artist, the venue has now become the place where her priceless works are presented.

The Rosendo Mejica Museum hosts several important historical documents in Spanish, English and Hiligayon, as well as other relics, while downtown Iloilo has several old style buildings from the American and Spanish periods. Another cultural landmark not to be missed is Jaro, where several colonial houses of the Spaniards remain standing.

Iloilo sightseeing guide: nature spots

The Isla de Higantes (the Isle of the Giants) is renowned for the presence of human remains that have been dated from the 15th century. Besides the cave, the naturally formed pool is another popular landmark. The Cataan Cave, situated off San Joaquin, is popular among diving enthusiasts.

Other natural hotspots are the Darangkulan Waterfall, Nagpana Falls, Tinagong Dagat, and Sicogon Island, where exquisite white sand surrounds the shores.

Iloilo sightseeing guide: religious shrines

There are several churches in the province that not only highlight the importance of religion but also give insights into the history of the province. Among the sites that tourists often go to are the Santa Barbara Church, Tigbauan Church, the Church of Cabatuan and the Pavia Church.

An Iloilo sightseeing guide can only provide a sampling of the delectable sights that await you in the island. With its mix of natural, cultural and historical landmarks, you’ll definitely want to make this island province a part of your itinerary.

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