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Legazpi Travel Agents

Legazpi Travel Agents

Looking for a place of natural beauty and magnificence? Then, the one of the best place in the Philippines is Legazpi City. Located at the Bicol Region (Region Five), Legazpi City is famous for its ‘magayong maray!’ (‘very beautiful’-in local Bicol dialect) Mayon Volcano. Its world-renowned ‘perfect cone’ had been the reason why tourist and visitors were flabbergasted and dumbfounded throughout the years. Nonetheless, throughout recorded history, its eruption had been proved lethal and had compromised the lives and properties of locals. Still, nobody can fathom its irresistible aura and charisma. One of the best sites here in Legazpi City, is the Cagsawa Ruins where tourists and visitors would see the bell tower which stand as a silent witness and survivor of one of the most violent upsurge of this beautiful volcano.

Other Legazpi City Highlights

If visitors and tourists alike want some nature tripping, the right place is definitely the Albay Park and Wildlife. Tourists can experience a taste of heritage and culture at the only public museum at the Bicol Region-The Legazpi City Museum. Visitors could appreciate and see the other side of Mayon Volcano by checking the Lignon Hill which is located at the back of the Albay Park and Wildlife. These noted places would in a way or two, would emphasize the stay or visit in this lovely place.

Travel Aids and Guides

As always, tourists and visitors should never forget to capture these moments by having a camera. Of course, knowing where to stay and where to go would definitely make the visit worthwhile. Adventure is one facet of the journey, but planning is certainly a crucial factor to make things okay for the rest of the tour. Travel agencies are available to ensure this need. One of the noted agencies is the EnGrande Tours and Travel. Located in Metropolitan Manila at Parañaque City, the company has been helpful for tourists for the past five years. They cater international and domestic tour the whole year round. The full company profile is available at the internet. Better be checking it real time for latest updates and information.

Mayon Volcano has been the symbol of the Bicolanos (native of Bicol) throughout the years. The volcano has been the representation of the warm welcome Bicolanos give to their visitors through their food (literally speaking) since they love to put spices on their menus or dishes and their special hospitality. ‘Mos kita na! Magayon digdi!’ (Let us go! It is wonderful (to stay) here!

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