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Manila Government Sites

Manila Government Sites

A trip to the Philippines may never be completed without having a chance to stay or at least have a glance of the main place or capital of the Philippines: The City of Manila. It is one of the cities that composed of the greater Metropolitan area of Manila or Metro Manila. Manila City has been the center of the Philippines in terms of trade and culture. In a sense, Manila is Philippines and the Philippines is Manila.

Best known Landmarks of Manila

Being the Philippines main city or the capital, significant events and places had defined Manila City’s history. One of the known landmarks of Manila is the Fort Santiago or Fuerza de Santiago (in Spanish). This citadel or stronghold has been the location of the kingdom and the palace of Rajah Suleiman (a Muslim ruler before the Spanish regime). When the Spanish fleet came in the late 1500’s, the fortress was destroyed and eventually the new settlers erected the Fuerza de Santiago. The Philippines’ national hero, Jose Rizal, was actually detained in Fort Santiago as an enemy of the state (of Spain) before his execution. Both the Spanish and the Japanese armies used the facility as prison dungeons. Another notable place in Metro Manila is the Manila Cathedral or the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. This almost 500 year-old cathedral has been the seat of the Archbishop of Manila. According to history, the cathedral was made of materials available for natives during that time. Meaning, the first constructed cathedral was made of bamboo and nipa. Unfortunately, these materials did not stand up against a strong typhoon and feisty fire before 1600’s. From then on, the cathedral had been reconstructed using stronger materials such as stones. Nonetheless, this did not spare the church from natural calamity like earthquakes and the destructions of wars throughout its history. The latest, event of historical significance that happened in Manila Cathedral is the when it hosted the funeral of the eleventh (11th) President of the Philippine, Corazon Cojuangco Aquino.

Metropolitan Manila in Contemporary Times

The past years of progress in all known fields to humanity has been very drastic and at the same time very dramatic. Changes have been in a constant flux and its movements are getting really faster as time goes by. Information has been the most powerful tool for survival. The late Philosopher Francis Bacon was right, knowledge can give the edge. Certainly, knowledge is power. This development also conquered the way of life in Metropolitan Manila. As the capital of the Philippines, Manila City has to keep up with the pace of this new wave. To promote business and tourism, there are Manila websites that can be accessed using the internet. The local government’s official website (http://www.manila.gov.ph/) provides an easy access regarding the definition of Manila City in a nutshell. This official government website allows individuals to gain information regarding best sites, possible business venues and some current events happening around the Metropolitan Manila. With the help of the internet, in a way or two, Metropolitan Manila is just a few clicks away.

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