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Ormoc Destination Guides

Ormoc Destination Guides


Even before Magellan arrived in the Philippines in the 16th century, Ormoc, then known as “Ogmok” already had settlers from neighboring countries and these inhabitants were attracted to the fertility of the land. Having said that, despite the first impression that there is no Ormoc destination worth seeing aside from vast tracts of farmland, one will be surprised at how many places there are in this place that are very interesting.

Sabin Beach Resort

Being a coastal town, not many know about the unspoiled beaches of Ormoc. The Sabin Beach Resort is the most famous Ormoc destination because it is exactly a tropical paradise right out of one’s imagination. Once at Sabin Beach Resort resisting the urge to stay for at least one night is impossible because of its magnificent beauty. The Camotes Sea and the Ormoc Bay merge at sunset and the scene is just too picturesque that one can watch it for hours on end if that were possible. The resorts at this Ormoc destination have good facilities and are comparable to a 4 star or 5 star resort. Several water sports can be done at Sabin Beach Resort but many will not be able to resist just lying in the sun and relaxing with the cool ocean breeze gently blowing. Another good thing about the Sabin Beach Resort is that it’s not just the beach that is worth seeing here. This Ormoc destination is surrounded by lush virgin forests and trekking is an activity offered by the resorts in the area. Sabin Beach Resort is an ideal vacation getaway for the entire family.

Pineapple Plantation

Ormoc has very fertile soil and the inhabitants have put this to good use. Most of the pineapples found in the entire Philippines and exported are grown here at the Pineapple Plantation. One might wonder what’s so great about a Pineapple Plantation that would make it worth visitng? Aside from the fact that this Ormoc destination has been built on a 200 hectare property, the process of growing pineapples and harvesting them isn’t as easy as we would think and here is a place where we can learn the trade secrets of the Philippines’ most sumptuous fruit. The Pineapple Plantation is also a place where one can buy pineapples at very low prices and the people at this Ormoc destination will be more than happy to make sure that these are properly packed to avoid spoilage during one’s trip. Many people from everywhere in the country make sure they visit the Pineapple Plantation when in Ormoc. The Pineapple Plantation is found in Barangay Hibuwanon.

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