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Dumaguete Travel Guide

Dumaguete Travel Guide

Travelling around the Philippines without having a clue where you are going or what you can possibly see is a little frustrating and without a good travel guide, you will get literally nowhere. If you are planning to go the this small city in the Philippines called Dumaguete, then you are on the right spot right here because we are going to provide you with our own Dumaguete Travel Guide that will take you to place in and out of this city in the Philippines.

The first spot of the Dumaguete Travel Guide is the Japanese Shrine that is located all the way on the mountaintop of the hills of Valencia. The Japanese Shrine is a three sided pillar which was erected to show that this was the spot where American, Filipino and Japanese soldiers fought a surprising hilltop battle during World War II. The Shrine was erected in the 1970s and it overlooks the city and its neighboring areas. This site is neighboring another Dumaguete Travel Guide site of the Philippines which is the waterfall called Casaroro. A beautiful single waterfall is soaring down into a basin where you can relax, meditate or swim on. This site is a perfect family spot.

A spot that the Dumaguete Travel Guide wants to take you is a site in the heart of the city of gentle people. This site is known all over the Philippines as Sidlakang Negros and is the little town of Negros. This attraction exhibits all the specialties of each city and town in Negros Oriental and is compacted into a large space that also includes a stage. The Sidlakang Negros was built in accordance with the Buglasan Festival that was to be held in the little town for the future Buglasan festivals so that every town and city already has a predesigned space without spending money year in and year out to construct an entirely new hut.

Another place in the Dumaguete Travel Guide is the pier located at the DUCOMI coconut oil milling company in Bacong, Philippines. The pier of this company happens to be the best dive spot within the Negros Island and you will have your hands and your eyes full of corals, critters, cuttlefish, seahorses, nudibranchs, stonefish, anglerfish and many more rare marine species. This is one of the highlights of the Dumaguete Travel Guide, because there is no dive spot like the pier in the entire Philippines.

The Dumaguete Travel Guide took you to different places to experience the nature, the festivals and the marine life in Dumaguete, Philippines. We hope that the Dumaguete Travel Guide inspired you to plan your trip to the capital city of the Negros Oriental region and experience all these places.

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