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Dumaguete Sightseeing Guide

Dumaguete Sightseeing Guide

Welcome to the Dumaguete sightseeing guide that will show you around this sleepy town and the so called gentle city of the Philippines. Let this Dumaguete sightseeing guide take you to the crevices of Dumaguete art, architecture, culture and nature, because Dumaguete City is a small city with a lot of little wonders of the Philippines.

The first place that we are going to visit in the Dumaguete sightseeing guide in the Philippines is the Dumaguete Belfry Tower. This Belfry is the most popular landmark in Dumaguete City and is located at the extension of the Perdices Street right beside the Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandra. The Dumaguete Belfry was built in the 1760s and its use was to warn the town people of attacks from pirates which was common during that time in all over the Philippines and which is how the city got its name.

A spot that is right next to the Dumaguete Belfry in our Dumaguete sightseeing guide is the Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandra. This cathedral was built during the Spanish occupation and has an open interior. You could sit in this cathedral all day and marvel at the painted ceiling that glistens with golden angels, saints and ornaments. The Dumaguete cathedral is a catholic church and can still be booked for weddings, funerals and other events.

The next spot in our Dumaguete sightseeing guide will be the first protestant university in the Philippines as well as the oldest American established university in the Philippines. This university in the Dumaguete sightseeing guide is called Silliman University. Established on August 28, 1901, this university has been around for over 107 years. The university is not only known for its education, but also for its green and open campus as well as its museums, its library, its bird and mammal conservatory, its farm, and its marine laboratory.

The best place for our Dumaguete sightseeing guide is the Silliman Anthropology Museum located in the second floor of the historical Silliman Hall building that used to be the old Silliman Church in the war times. Another interesting fact about Silliman University is that it used to be captured in the Japanese occupation of the Philippines which unfortunately left many innocent people killed and raped. All these events happened on the campus and what is now a dorm for ladies called Channon Hall, used to be the Japanese’s torture chamber. Silliman at night turns into a popular ghost hunting spot.

Dumaguete City is a great spot to rediscover the history of the Philippines and it is a great city to just be yourself and enjoy a coffee or tea at the Silliman University coffee shop, or be enlightened at the cathedral. Enjoy your Dumaguete sightseeing guide and visit all these places once you get there.

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