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Smart Telecoms Doesn’t Seem to Want Me as a Customer Any More

Smart Telecoms Doesn’t Seem to Want Me as a Customer Any More

Today’s fun Smart story…

I have a 1200 consumable plan.

I have Unlisurf and Trinet renewing automatically every month, this was set up back in November in the Smart store when I changed to this plan.

Everything is good, my total plan is around P1600 a month inc. consumption.

Now come April, my bill suddenly almost doubled. I check the bill and it has 2 Trinet monthly and 2 Unlisurf monthly charges. resulting in a monthly bill of P2995!!!

First I use the support function on the Smart website and 3 times email in a ticket to get help to get my faulty bill fixed.

All 3 tries were ignored and no email back from Smart (Thanks guys, really makes me feel like a valued customer)

Now today I finally break down and waste the hours un-end it takes to get any kind of service on the hotline.

I get a hotline helper by the name of Sheng, she spends the next 30-45 minutes JUSTIFYING the double charges because of weird cutoff dates in the Smart system. Which I guess now is my problem and responsibility. She kept calling it a VALID CONCERN (meaning to her that Smarts bill and system was valid) and did not do anything to help me except the standard Smart Apology™

It turns out my automatic renewal for march did not get billed on March as it was supposed to, but in the beginning of April, and then of course the April renewal was also on April. This makes my consumable payment for March useless as it was not consumed and gives me a double billing for April.

I then demanded to get a superviser on the line as I really don’t want to pay a double bill for nothing. This request was refused.

In the end, Smart will lose a long time customer to Globe, as I really don’t like being treated like this and just being told “sorry – but PAY for the double billing”

So warning to all, be careful when signing up with Smart, they have “procedures” (that’s what she called this scammy behavior) and there is nothing you can do about it but PAY!

My choices as I see them:

  1. Don’t pay – lose my number of many years and get in to legal battle with huge Smart Telecoms over 1500 Pesos
  2. Pay and at the soonest possible time, cancel my Smart and go subscribe with Globe

Comments please, what should I do?

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