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Boracay Regency Beach Resort

Boracay Regency Beach Resort

Capture the island vibe in Regency Beach Resort.

Boracay is known for its powdery white sand beach and serene view of the sea. It is also one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches all over the world and the most frequently visited place in the Philippines.

A 30 minutes airplane ride from Manila to Caticlan and a 15 minute enjoyable boat ride from Caticlan is how one gets to Boracay Island. While on the island, you may choose from various arrays of top hotels and resorts. Regency Hotel and Beach Resort is one of the best and well known hotels located in the center of the island.

Boracay is not only known for its white sand beach and deep blue ocean waters. Boracay is now etching its name as host and venue of exciting parties and events. Currently, ocean weddings and other romantic events are mostly done in Boracay since the environment is truly for honeymooners and lovers. Night festivities like beach bonfire parties and bikini contests are break the usual tranquil atmosphere of Boracay.

Regency Hotel and Beach Resort is one of the top hotels in the Philippines, offering amenities that are both entertaining and relaxing. Located right in the heart of the famous Boracay beach, Regency Hotel and Beach Resort has 195 air conditioned rooms furnished with high quality fixtures that are made from the countries indigenous materials. Every room in this marvelous hotel offers different angles of the spectacular beach resort where you can just sit and be enchanted by the crystal clear blue waters of Boracay Island.

Surrounded by a superb landscape garden and romantic gazebos, Regency Hotel and Beach Resort presents an unwinding and relaxing atmosphere for family, friends and most specially lovers. With high speed Wi-Fi internet that can still be accessible even when you’re on the beach front, you can constantly stay connected while sun bathing and unwinding at the Boracay seascape.

Regency Hotel and Beach Resort offers not only hotel amenities but also the opportunity for tourist and locals to mingle and party right in the core of the island. You can get to meet famous Filipino celebrities and other personalities enjoying the sun and the enchanting vibe of the island.

Indeed the Regency Hotel and Beach Resort in Boracay gives first class service and Filipino warmth and hospitality to all its visitors. The Regency Resort caters to all the relaxation, entertainment and even technological needs of all its clients all year round, making it the best place to stay when you are on the island.

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