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Zamboanga Transportation

Zamboanga Transportation


Zamboanga is famous for having many names from the City of Flowers to Asia’s Latin City because of the many different variants of beautiful orchids that grow here, and the unique mix of Spanish, Filipino and Cebuano which has formed a part of its dialect. The culture of Zamboanga is truly rich and it has many tourist attractions that one can visit when here. If one is planning a budgeted trip to Zamboanga or just want to experience what living is like in this thriving province, it’s a good idea to know about Zamboanga transportation, how to get there and what’s available once in the city.

Getting to Zamboanga

Zamboanga is found in Mindanao and being in the southern part of the Philippines, there are several travel options available to visitors when it comes to Zamboanga transportation. For those who want to travel by air, Zamboanga does have an airport that accommodates commercial and private flights. During peak season, this form of Zamboanga transportation costs around Php5000 but during off peak and when promotional offers are at an all time high between competing airlines, it could go down to as low as Php1000.

Getting to Zamboanga by land is also an option although this takes about 3 days from Manila. For those who are not in a hurry to get to Zamboanga and enjoy road trips, this is an interesting way to get to the province.

Zamboanga has one of the busiest ports in the country so one should not be surprised that another form of Zamboanga transportation is via sea. In fact there are many maritime vessels that travel to Zamboanga about 5 times a week and among the major shipping lines that do so are Super Ferry, WG&A, Negros Navigation and Sulpicio Lines. Depending on the type of onboard accommodation that one opted for, rates could vary from Php3000 to Php5000. The ferries dock at Pagadian City and from these seaports, the city of Zamboanga is immediately accessible.

Getting Around Zamboanga

Once in Zamboanga, all the towns in it are accessible by land thanks to the province’s comprehensive and well planned out Zamboanga transportation system. Common types of Zamboanga transportation within the city itself are tricycles, jeepneys and buses but there aren’t that many taxis. There are a few independent operators when it comes to taxis so this mode of transportation is still an option. If it’s just to travel short distances though, the more affordable options are the tricycles, jeepneys and buses.

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