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Davao Personal Blogs

Davao Personal Blogs

I answered the simple question with these following statements and descriptions. I lived at a city that is a expansive metropolitan area of more than a million residents situated in Mindanao particularly in the southeastern part of it. For a fact, my place is considered as one of the largest cities in the world. Natural advantages are the blessings of this place that the soil is so rich in minerals and very fertile. Our local government has always been taking benefit of its strategic location which is a typhoon-free region and balance or equal distribution of climatic conditions defines its weather the whole year round.

Mount Apo

Our mountain stood tallest amongst any mountains in the Philippines. This mountain seems to overlook our humble city and appears to be a vigilant sentinel watching us for anything that could harm us. Climbing the peak of this mountain would make one realize how blessed this modest land is: intact forest, productive valleys, traversable river, extensive metro and first-rate beaches facing the gulf.

We value education as we had been recognized one of the cities with high literacy rates in Asia. Workforce is one of the best because we can speak English and we were trained to be industrious and self-reliant. Our city is a sort of melting pot of cultures and differences are respected and developed in a pleasant and peace-loving atmosphere.

In trade and commerce

Our metropolis has bee the center of services, trade and commerce in Mindanao and our facilities are among the best providing an avenue for further economic expansion. Urban living is at its best because we have the usual amenities and facilities and we can have them in reasonable prices as well. Accessibility to the usual needs is never a problem in this place such as communication, recreation and leisure. We have had the basic needs covered with a plus.

A place of balance of leisure and business

The economic pace of this metropolis is on the rise but the great outdoors and breathtaking wonders of nature make the stability between work hard and relaxation. The question I was trying to answer was ‘where do you live?’ Of course, the simple answer this question was Davao City. I did not answer it directly because I wanted them to realize that the word ‘Davao’ was not just another ordinary place. In a way, as I answered the query, I also set their expectations of this beautiful place called Davao.

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