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Wreck Dive in Subic Bay: Its Diving Pleasures

Wreck Dive in Subic Bay: Its Diving Pleasures

One of the good things in life, encased within the mystical waters of Subic Bay, Olongapo, is to opt for diving pleasures for a ship wreck dive within the crystal blue waters of this place.

Open to both novice (through a guided diving tour) and professional divers, a year-round diving treasure can be garnered in several wreck dive spots that holds a number of battleships that had sunk in Subic Bay in various times throughout history.

The best and the most perilous of all is the USS New York cruiser which is located between the Alava Pier and the end of the northern runway spot. Diving down to its interiors is a feat that most divers have to master, and yet, beholding this 1891 World War I vessel that is way below the surface – submerged around 88 feet of Subic Bay water – is a breathtaking venture beyond compare.

Upon taking a good wreck dive within this ship, various types of marine life would be pleasantly seen which includes the lionfish, lapu-lapu, talakitok, spotted seet lip, spotted rays, barracuda and the lobster.

Next to venture in a Subic Bay wreck dive is the small 3000 ton freighter known as El Capitan. Situated in the Ilanin Bay, this AN LST ship sits proudly with its top feature around 16 to 40 feet below the surface – making it easily accessible for most divers and also those who engage in snorkeling.

Although Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption has damaged this ship’s hull, it still is good for a diving feature to look into since there are lots of tropical fishes that would be exciting to watch as they swim past the divers in complete abandon with their tails swishing to and fro.

Another wonderful wreck dive to take, as one would plunge deep into the waters of Subic Bay, is the San Quentin that is mainly made of wood. This is known to be the oldest ship wreck in history that was used in 1898 during the Spanish-American war.

And, before one would leave the comforts of Subic Bay waters, and its wreck dive spots, the Oryoku Maru, which served as a passenger ship for many families during its prime, should not be an option to leave behind. Coined as the “Hell Ship,” this vessel also opened its services to 1600 American prisoners of war.

Within its historical hull, marine life in this diving spot holds a variety of tropical species.

Wreck diving in Subic Bay would also be most fulfilling if one would go diving for the Seian Maru. There are a handful of living species like the spotted sweet lip, coral trout and others that would make underwater photography a true delight.

These five great wreck dive spots in Subic Bay should never be forgotten by those who wish to go for a good diving experience since these areas make Olongapo a favorite place to be in by most divers and tourists alike.

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