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Butuan Restaurants

Butuan Restaurants


Exotic dishes are what one can expect when dining at a Butuan restaurant but for those who want to eat International favorites, there are establishments that serve these as well. Butuan restaurants are known to serve great tasting meals and provide warm service to their diners so regardless of which restaurant one chooses to dine at, one can be sure that one will be getting a good deal.

Weegols Grillhaus

Grilled fish, chicken, beef and pork are among the dishes served at the Weegols Grillhaus located on Montilla Boulevard. Butuan is especially proud of the Weegols Grillhaus because of the excellent Filipino grilled specialties served here and they have all local condiments that one could possibly ask for. This Butuan restaurant goes about everything the native way and even serves dishes on banana leaves for that truly authentic Filipino feel. When dining at Weegols Grillhaus, make sure to try their grilled chicken barbecue and one can ask the staff to make this a little spicy for that added flavor. This Butuan restaurant also has fried squid rings called Calamari and fish cooked in vinegar called Kinilaw. The Weegols Grillhaus is open air so one can dine under the stars with that special someone. Prices at the Weegols Grillhaus range from US$ 10 to US$15 and this is incredibly affordable.

Tita’s Café

For those who are constantly on the move and want good food in a snap, a good Butuan restaurant to go to would be Tita’s Café which is found on P. Burgos Street. Food served at Tita’s Café are pre-prepared so cooking time is cut in half. What’s good about this Butuan restaurant is that despite the many similarities it has with a fast food joint, the dishes served here don’t lose that home cooked taste and it’s both nutritious and delicious. Tita’s Café also serves local desserts such as sweet sticky rice cakes. For those who are looking for good tasting coffee, one can find it here at Tita’s Café where they brew their own Butuan made coffee beans. Snacks served at Tita’s Café are also good and topping the list are Siomai and Siopao.

Narra Restaurant

Named after a local tree known for its fine wood, the Narra restaurant is another favorite among locals and visitors. Local dishes are the specialty of Narra restaurant but they also serve a couple of Chinese dishes. Diners of this Butuan restaurant usually arrive here in groups because of the rates given to them so one can expect to always have more than a handful of diners no matter what time of day.

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