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Some of the Finest Spots in the Philippines

Some of the Finest Spots in the Philippines

Take a look at Philippines’ history and culture reflected by old churches, forts and modern museums. Look at the finest three-layered forests and white-sand beaches.

Consecrated with far-reaching coastline, the Philippines are known to be pealed with good beaches and first class resorts. Its deep blue, crystal waters offer 40,000 square kilometers of different coral reefs swarming with mixtures of marine life.

Gifted with a tropical climate, the Philippines give a perfect treat to savor the sunlight. Located in Southeast Asia and bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the Philippines boasts of untainted beaches, extravagant sunsets, profuse pastoral lands, superb resorts, amazingly impressive islands, and a even areas that have cool weather that is brought by the mountains.

Feel the warmth of summer just by going to beaches like Boracay, which is found in Panay in the Western Visayas Region.  You may also visit Panglao which is found in the province of Bohol. Capture the view of Sagada, Baguio, and Tagaytay, and have a dip in refreshing waters of different resorts.

There are many featured destinations found in the Philippines such as:

Donsol – found in the Sorsogon province, which is called “whale shark capital.”

Boracay – this is one of the best swimming destinations in the whole world. It has crystal clear waters which are perfect for swimming, fishing, sailing, snorkeling and sunbathing.

Guimaras – this is found in Nueva Valencia. It has 238.3-kilometer coastline. It has long stretches of powdery, white sand which is also known to be the best among the world.

Palawan – this place really has an exotic beauty. It is called “country’s last frontier.” It has more than a thousand islands and thousand islets, scenic rock formations, magnificent caves and underwater rivers.

Coron – a town which is found in Busuanga Island in Northen Palawan, it is said that men get charmed by its natural beauty.

Cebu City – branded as “queen city of the south.” This is a top provincial destination of foreign travelers.

Pagudpud – found in Ilocos. It is the best setting for photo shoots for travel magazine covers, panoramic movies. Its main attraction is Saud Beach, which is known for its fine white sand stretching for about a hundred meters and Maira-ira Piont, which hides a secluded beach that is called, Blue Lagoon. There are also breathtaking landscapes which include Bantay Abot-abot, a sculpture that is carved by the wind and the sea.

Bohol – one of the loveliest islands found in southern Philippines. This is found in Visayas region.

Panglao Island – many foreigners have beach activities here such as diving, snorkeling, and caving. This also area is also used for seminars, brainstorming, conventions, etc.

These are just some of the beautiful places found in the Philippines. Aside from these places, there’s a lot more you wish you could go and you should visit.

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