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Dumaguete Beach Guide

Dumaguete Beach Guide

The Philippines is famous for white sand beaches and broken coral beaches and you will find plenty wherever you go in the Philippines. If your destination happens to be Dumaguete, you will not initially see much of the white sand, but you rather have to go off and find it. Let us help you finding the nice beaches around this city with the Dumaguete Beach Guide.

Let us take you to the first Dumaguete Beach Guide Destination called Silliman Beach. Silliman Beach is located at the Silliman Farm and Marine Lab Campus and is part of the first American founded University in the Philippines. The beach used to be the best beach in town, but now unfortunately degraded due to lack of care. Despite of the slackness of the towns’ people, the sand remains a bright yellow and you can certainly lie around on the beach and try to do sunbathing.

The second beach in our Dumaguete Beach Guide of the Philippines is the Cangmating Beach. This beach is popular with the youth of this city because it is here where you can go skim boarding on the low tide. Skim boarding is an ever growing trend in the beaches of the Philippines and especially Dumaguete which is the use of a small flat skim board that only floats like a surf board for short shallow water distances.

A beach in the Dumaguete Beach Guide that has broken white corals is located in Antulang which is in close proximity to Siaton, Philippines. The Antulang beach is owned by a beach resort of the same name and has beautiful coral sand that stretches along a couple of kilometers. This beach is ideal for relaxing and tanning and the azure blue ocean is ideal for taking a dip or a dive.

The Dumaguete Beach Guide also guides you to beaches that can be accessed without going through a resort such as the Banilad Beach. The Banilad Beach is one of many public beaches in the Philippines decorated with huts to relax in or have a picnic in and with sandbars that appear on low tide and sometimes high tide as well. The Banilad Beach is one to take your family to because of its large space and huts.

The last beach in the Dumaguete Beach Guide is going to be the Dauin Beach. The Dauin Beach is more known in the Philippines for its dive sites, but the beach itself is also great. Relax at one of many beach resorts in Dauin that offer benches to lie in or huts to have a little get together with friends or family.

The Dumaguete Beach Guide ends here, but your beach travel destinations could still go on and on in other parts of the Philippines. You could also experience the beaches in Boracay or Palawan and take a little paradise back home with you.

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