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A Nostalgic Memorial Park

A Nostalgic Memorial Park

Eliciting memories of the past, not only of departed souls, but vital historic events, is the Himalayan Pilipino in Quezon City. Inspired by themes of Philippine myths and heroism, this beautiful park attracts not only the bereaved but numerous local and foreign tourists who relish in the quiet environs of this tourist spot and delight in capturing nostalgic scenes in the cameras.

Located south of Quezon City near the hilly portions of Diliman and Fairview, this beautiful park is a daily hang out of joggers and visitors from all walks of life. A 15-minute taxi ride from Quezon Memorial Circle to this tourist spot will necessary pass the business district of Visayas Avenue down the commercial area of Tandang Sora Avenue and into interior roads with numerous directional posters unmistakably of Himayan Pilipino. By the way, Tandang Sora area is another historical place where Philippine heroine Tandand Sora in the Katipunan days really lived.

Entering this beautiful park, a long fortress-like wall and gate welcomes the visitor to this tourist spot. The wall is inspired by the historic Wall of Intramuros in Manila and reminds the visitor of a glorious past when Filipinos sacrificed life and limb to liberate the Motherland. Inside this beautiful park are monuments and murals that send the imagination back to the heroic moments of history. Not far in this tourist spot is a monument commemorating the uprising of the Katipunan against Spanish aggression in 1896. The monument is inspired by the monuments in Grace Park and the Bonifacio Monument in Caloocan City. It features the raised bolos of Katipuneros and the waving flag of the Katipunan.

Somewhere in this tourist spot is a concave wall mural of Tandang Sora, the aforementioned Quezon City heroine who risked her aged body for wounded Filipino insurgents. In the concave wall mural are apartment-type niches of Tandang Sora’s descendants, some dated recently. Not far from this is the huge picnic shed inspired by the Ifugao hut. Indeed, it’s like a huge Ifugao shelter with descending steps to it. This awesome structure in this beautiful park permits gentle winds to crisscross in it for a refreshing linger, and overlooking is a lively lagoon of lilies and aquarium fish. In the middle of this man-made pond is a monument depicting the very moment when the mythical Malakas and Maganda, local versions of Adam and Eve, was coming out of a giant bamboo tree split by lightning.

Himlayan Pilipino is indeed a beautiful park worthy of becoming an official tourist spot in the very heart of Quezon City.

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