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Ormoc Sightseeing Guide

Ormoc Sightseeing Guide

Ormoc City, considered the first class city of Leyte in the Philippines has much to offer to both locals and tourists. Its weather is the same as any other location in the Philippines: warm summer sun perfect for that day out in the beach and the rainy season which is not a hindrance to all the fun.

Trying to look for an official Ormoc Sightseeing Guide is going to be difficult since this place in the Philippines has not been fully developed to cater to tourism. However, this is not to say that there is no “unofficial” Ormoc Sightseeing Guide with destinations that one must absolutely go to, complete with peer reviews. Many tourists and locals fall in love with Ormoc City, more so than any other place in the Philippines and the reason is rather simple. Ormoc City has all the natural beauty in its rawest form that the Philippines can offer.

Take for instance the several nature trails which are a part of the Ormoc Sightseeing Guide. Admittedly, not all of us have a profound appreciation for nature but even so, these nature trails will leave one in awe. Ormoc Sightseeing Guide is not complete without a brief description of what one will see in these nature trails. The abundance of flora and fauna is amazing and gives one a clear view of the lakes and waterfalls where one can swim for that truly relaxing vacation. Here’s a bit of good news for those who can’t completely be alone with nature. The nature trails that are a topic of almost all unofficial Ormoc Sightseeing Guides have restaurants that are floating in the water perfect for that cool drink or that exotic yet delicious meal that one surely needs at the end of a trek.

Swimmers particularly enjoy going to Ormoc City, Philippines. The Leyte Golf and Country Club is one of the places that cannot be missing from the Ormoc Sightseeing Guide. Aside from a great game of golf, the Leyte Golf and Country Club has Olympic size pools allowing one to release that pent up energy.

Another great place to go would be the Centennial Park and although this is the last mentioned, it is definitely still a part of the Ormoc Sightseeing Guide. This park found in Ormoc City, Philippines is a favorite among locals and picnics are enjoyed here with family and friends. Other places to go in Ormoc City are the Pineapple Plantation and of course, the Tongonan Hotsprings National Park.

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