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Tacloban Hospitals and Health Care

Tacloban Hospitals and Health Care

With the support of the national government as well as the collaborative efforts of the local government, the different health programs of Tacloban hospitals and health care has become efficient and updated. Aside from both public and private hospitals and clinics, the city’s overall health care program also includes volunteer efforts from medical colleges, foreign private volunteer groups, NGOs, and alternative medicine. Now the people of Tacloban has access to quality medical and health care.

The all-out coordinating efforts of local infirmaries and clinics have led to the growth of various health and medical insurance providers. As a result, the local residents of Tacloban can now look forward to quick hospital admission and service. This is just an indication of how far health care services in Tacloban has progressed.

Tacloban hospitals and health care is comparable with some of the more popular and well-recognized medical facilities in Metro Manila. The equipments and services are just as efficient. This gives an assurance of medical competency when admitted in a Tacloban hospital.

The quality of a hospital is determined by the efficiency of emergency service. Underscoring this point is Bethany Hospital. Its emergency room has 7 beds and the staff are capable of providing emergency care to any patient admitted in the hospital 24 hours, 7 days a week. The personnel manning the emergency room are well trained, skillful, and competent even in extreme cases. Again, this is a proof of the seriousness of the local government of Tacloban with their health care.

Another test of a quality hospital is its clinical department. The focus of health care in Tacloban is on boosting the capability of different departments, such as pediatrics, medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesia, surgery, laboratory, to name just a few. Since 1918, Bethany Hospital has been in the forefront of providing quality health care.

Divine Word Hospital is another living proof to the improved quality of service in Tacloban. A private infirmary with 200 beds, it has served as the training ground for nurses and extern medical personnel through St. Scholastics College. The numerous medical colleges linked to hospitals has given the city the best medical skills and knowledge annually. As a result, Tacloban has been the source of medical personnel deployed overseas.

The growth of alternative medicine has also contributed to the leap in progress of Tacloban hospitals and health care. Spearheaded by the Tacloban Herbal Pharmaceutical Processing and Manufacturing Plant, the city has gained ground in terms of advancing herbal pharmaceutics in the country. The THPPMP is one of the most recognized suppliers of indigenous herbal medicines in the country. Among the plants it has propagated are lagundi, tsaang gubat, to name a few.

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