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Finding the Right Maid

Finding the Right Maid

There are times when you think that you cannot handle all the household chores that you’ve been dealing with on a daily basis. Don’t worry. You are not alone. Many people in the Philippines face the same difficulty everyday. But, this problem has an easy solution if you think about it.

Hiring a maid or household helper in the Philippines is the only way to ease your burdensome tasks at home. It is the perfect way to finding a quiet time for yourself and your family. Having a maid can help you be more productive at home, work and even in your leisure time. Hiring one in the Philippines cannot be considered a difficult task.

But, getting a maid requires you to take precautions, as well. Many have experienced unfortunate incidents when they started hiring maids. But, these things could be prevented if you know how to carefully handpick your maid. It isn’t bad at all if you require those who want to be your helper to undergo stringent screening process.

1. Find a credible person or agency in the Philippines that can recommend a trustworthy maid

The first step to finding a trustworthy maid is to find someone who has a reputable character that can assure that your potential maid is worthy of the job. Most people rely on the recommendation of their most trusted friends and family members before they hire a maid. Others ask for the help of agencies that recommend maids for them. Find an agency which is accredited by the Philippine authorities. Usually these agencies have conducted their own research on their maids to ensure the credibility of the household helpers.

2. Learn how to conduct background checks

A Philippine government-accredited agency has most likely conducted background checks on their maids. So, if you opt to ask for their help, you wouldn’t find it difficult to have a trustworthy helper. But, if you really prefer a maid who is handpicked by only you, then, it is time to learn how to conduct background checks. You can require your potential maid to present certificate from the Philippine National Police or clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation. This would ensure that your maid does not have any criminal record or pending cases.

3. Salary issue

As much as possible, brief your potential maid on the salary rate that you usually give them. If necessary, you can include their benefits if they remain loyal and trustworthy to you. In the Philippines, the salary range for maids is between P3,000 to P5,000 depending on the kind of work that they are required to fulfill.


  1. Jenny

    We are a registered and well established Maids Supplying Agency in Malaysia. We have been supplying Filipino Maids for close to 20years. Our present supplier is unable to supply enough Maids for our needs. We are looking for another good, reliable supplier in Phillipines.

    Please reply fast – urgent.

    Thank you.

  2. Carmen

    Where can I find the right maid that are trustworthy? We are in Imus, Cavite. Pls. advise agency or contacts that will provide maids in my area.

  3. HereToHelp

    I’m a Fil-Am mom with 2 kids living in an expat town within the metro. I’ve become a very experienced ‘she-boss’ and have hired and fired many – I know all their tricks already, learned what to say, what not to tell them, what to do when they are inside my home and I have received honest advices from my own mom, sister, grade school batchmates, professors, etc.. Real very long and frustrating experiences.

    PLEASE DO NOT THINK THIS WAY: OMG SLAVERY, POOR GIRL, I WANT TO BE CHARITABLE – LET ME DONATE TO HER THIS AND THAT, ETC. PLEASE, NO! Briefly, I can tell you: You give your hand – They will take your whole arm so, just like with any other employee, they do their job well, you pay them. And don’t ever allow the maid, or driver or cleaner, or nanny to say, “I’m doing you a big favor”. If you hear that, really snap back and say, “Listen, you work, I pay you – I don’t owe you anything. You owe me, because I gave you a job”. This is important because I have surmised that most blue-collar Filis do not really understand what work is, especially when they work in your home, they come in, ask where the pool and gym are, they forget they’re in your home to simply, WORK!

    I’ll tell you more later why such mentalities prevail – It’s also partly the fault of most local bosses. They do not train and inform them well. Be professional and be firm, do not chit-chat, do not show your soft side. Protect your valuables, make an inventory of what you have especially things that are more than 1.

    We really become very vulnerable to even silent and slow robbery when a stranger comes in our house, especially with poorly nurtured ones. We likewise appear more prone to subtle manipulations by domestic employees when they have successfully turned you over-dependent on their services. One of the major solutions there is “Be the boss, always, and make sure they are aware of that, everyday”.

    I’m not kidding if I tell you, I arrived here with 3 dozens silver spoon and forks, they left me with just 4 pieces, they left me just enough for my family – Don’t even ask about face towels and kids’ socks. Hot items are things more than 1 and of course, cash. I noticed that, they go for the cash rather than the jewelry. I heard, years ago when cell phones were still generally expensive, they used to take that too, but not anymore, but the charger, if they need the same, they will. The chauffeur will steal the tools and anything in the car.

    Another root of the many ‘maid troubles’ is this very improper and ill-willed ‘practice’ here called “Pasaway” which has been loosely used and followed by most of the ‘less fortunate ones’ to the most important facets of their lives – Their jobs. This is were they went wrong. ‘Pasaway’ means provoking authority, doing something unto someone when that person already repeatedly said, “Do not”. Stubborn without fear and respect.

    Well, the antidote there is simply – Salary deduction! Actually, salary deduction is the most powerful weapon to a stubborn, begrudging employee. I have a Form Agreement for that. It also includes sabotage (Destroying your things and properties, intentional or not). No need to be stressed and upset – As they will find so much enjoyment seeing you at a non-peaceful state. And not because you were a mean boss – Is because you were too soft. Don’t forget, most of their upbringing were centered around screaming, yelling, ruthless parents or guardians. I realized after many maid experiences, when I got tough and firm (Out of maximum frustration), that’s when they listened, did what they were suppose to do, delivered results.

    I asked myself, “Oh man, must I always be this way?” Unfortunately, the answer is, “Yes”, if you want to get viable results.

    Moreover, if you give them too much attention especially for matters unrelated to their job, they will do everything to make them in your conscience day and night, a living nightmare – Evil right? But, well, ask ‘Amos’.

    It is not true that it’s always best to get a maid directly from the provinces (Far-Flung Villages) – Well, the key point really there is train them very well, say the right words and change their mentalities and also, wash off them what the ‘bad maids’ have brainwashed them about – They do network intensively, and believe me, that’s why there’s such a common pattern of maid ‘trouble’ that anyone can easily spot. Bad one says, “Oh, stretch all Madam’s clothes while you are doing her laundry”.

    Forewarn the maid already on the very 1st meeting with her, any damage – Salary deduction! I have a friend who actually watches her maid’s every step while her laundry is being done.

    When I was still a very nice, accommodating ‘Amo’ (Boss), you would not believe if I tell you that I caught 2 maids who have been washing my towels in the kitchen garbage bin and 2 maids collecting their pee – Guess what for? BTW, if you have a girlfriend or are married and your wife is attractive, beautiful or the princess-type – I give the maid 2 to 3 months until the envy and ‘wanna-be-her’ trouble explodes out of her. Watch those ‘destroying of her dresses. holes, bleach stains, breaking the heels of her shoes . . . Again, Salary Deduction! She will be reminded, she is the maid, your wife is your queen, she must be respected.

    I got too comfortable when I just came into my home and left my purse in the foyer, I turned my back, my seemingly all-smiles, sweet little maid was already rummaging through my purse!

    And so many other big and small ‘maid troubles’ that I should have called on security or the police for but like the local employers, I just fell deeply into the hire-fire cycle.

    While wasting so much of my energies drowning in disappointment and frustration, I started analyzing, finding patterns and tricks done and eventually formulated solutions – I’m very confident about these that I’ve started my own maid agency, mainly for expats, and I’m really going to turn these Fili maids into the most honest, respectful, disciplined, industrious professional maids!

  4. Jinah Kim

    My family living in Eastern Europe in Belgrade .the country name is Serbia, we are all 4people. my husband and two kids. one is 5yrs and the other is 3and half yrs old. they both are going to school. In Belgarde we do not have big Philippino community so I prefer the maid who has experience with abroad. We have been exprienced couple of years with Philippino maids and others as well.
    I need someone fully experienced and fully understand her job.

  5. Jinah Kim

    Hi, I am looking for maid who has fully exprienced with abroad. we are now located in Belgrade, Serbia. we have four season. means now we are in kind of summer.
    I have two kids one is 5yrs and the other is 3and half yrs. Both are going to school everyday.

  6. said alakkad

    Where can I find the right maid that are trustworthy? We are in dubai. Pls. advise agency or contacts that will provide maids in my area.

  7. Ong

    My boss need to hire a philipines maid urgenly for his mom and he wants to do it himself.. Is there any philipine’s maid agency that you can recommend with email address so that he can communicate with them?

  8. Kar

    Looking for Filipino housekeeper/n(male or female) for an older couple
    Live in/Miami ,Florida
    Housecleaning,light gardening,ironing,drivers liscence would be helpful,
    Cruseship experience an asset

  9. wong kon fah

    I and my wife in need of a live in house maid prefer from provinces to take care of my two kid and house work.Can some agency here in cavite provide.
    I am staying in Bacoor nearby SM Bacoor.

  10. catzkie

    I work in a registered and well established Maids Supplying Agency here in SINGAPORE. We are supplying Filipino/iNDONESIAN Maids. Our present supplier is unable to supply enough Maids for our needs. We are looking for another supplier in Phillipines or in Indonesia.

  11. berrak çekin

    We are located in Istanbul/Turkey.

    We would like to hire Filipina for taking care of the house and our kid.

    My child is 4 years old. Everyday she goes to school.

    We are working 5 days a week 8 am. to 6 pm.

    I can get a working permit.

    Please inform me as soon as possible,


  12. Jo Ann Geron

    My husband and I wants to work with a good family as family driver and housekeeper…Pls contact us at +639176280473…Thank yopu so much.We can start immediately and we prefer jobs abroad….

  13. We are in need of an all around house helper age 18 and above willing to be trained. Monthly salary depends on her performance but not lower than the minimum pay of Maids in this City with Sundays off. We prefer one from Quezon Provinces or Bicol.

  14. An agency is the WRONG place to hire from and also seek referals for ANY type of domestic help! Agencies collect their fees no matter if their placed employee stays one year, one month or even one day. Seek the advice of relatives or neighbors

  15. We are in need of an all around female house helper age 18 and above willing to be trained. Monthly salary depends on her performance but not lower than the minimum pay of Maids in this Marikina City with Sundays off. if interested, kindly call/text 09275444888.

  16. We are in need of an all around female house helper age 18 and above willing to be trained. Monthly salary depends on her performance but not lower than the minimum pay of Maids in this Marikina City with Sundays off. if interested, kindly call/text 09275444888.

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