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Iloilo Travel Guide

Iloilo Travel Guide

One of the popular and advancing provinces in the Philippines, Iloilo offers captivating and alluring tourist destinations to everyone. Because of the attractive tourist spots in the place, many people like to spend their vacation and visit the beautiful sightseeing areas in Iloilo, Philippines. Hence, to offer good and nice accommodations to vacationers, travelers and tourists, the province feature hotels and restaurants where they can sleep, dine, and relax. To have a safe travel and stay in the province, people should refer to Iloilo travel guides for these tools offer information on nice places to visit and exciting activities to do during their stay in the place.

Tourist Spots in Iloilo, Philippines

Iloilo has a rich culture and history, which makes it more attractive to foreigners and Filipino travelers. To have a glimpse at the province’s culture, there are historical and cultural places that people can always visit. Most of these places are featured in Iloilo travel guides so that travelers can have an exciting stay in the province. Hence, three historical tourist destinations in Iloilo, Philippines that are commonly featured in Iloilo travel guides are Plaza Libertad, Old Buildings in Calle Real, and Fort San Pedro. On the other hand, people can also visit religious attractions in the province like the famous Molo Church and Arevalo Church.

Hotels in Iloilo, Philippines

For the comfort and safety of all travelers, Iloilo travel guides also feature hotels, lodges, and inns, in the province where people can sleep. Most of the travel guides offer information on facilities, locations, and accommodation rates of first class hotels in the province such as Iloilo Centennial Resort Hotel and Convention Center, Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center, as well as Days Hotel. Meanwhile, to assist tourists who are on tight budget, the guides also offer knowledge on standard class hotels such as Punta Villa Hotel and Resort, La Fiesta Hotel, and Four Season Hotel.
Restaurants in Iloilo, Philippines

In terms of dining, Iloilo travel guides feature the famous restaurants in the province that serve delectable and delicious dishes to everyone. For those who are in search for restaurants that offer international meals, they can always dine at Bourbon Street, David’s Tea House, and Villa Regatta. On the other hand, Iloilo travel guides also offer information on the menus of restaurants that serve Filipino cuisine like Panaderia de Molo, Barrio Inasal, and Casitas. With all the information that Iloilo travel guides share to tourists in the province, they can surely have a remarkable and great vacation in Iloilo, Philippines.

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