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Boracay Beach Guide

Boracay Beach Guide

Boracay is a big island with a lot of smaller islands and coves. All the beaches in Boracay possess the same type of sand known for being very white and fine as powder. You can island hop in Boracay by exploring these islands:

1. White Beach

This is Boracay’s most popular beach. It is four kilometers in length. It is the main attraction for many local and foreign tourists. Many people find themselves sunbathing on the sand under the trees. You can also swim and snorkel there. Other activities that can be enjoyed here are banana boat ride, glass bottom boat and sailing. Some people like going to a spa or having a massage while they are on the sand.

2. Diniwid Beach

This is a calm beach that is just two hundred meters in length. If you are coming from the north side of the White beach you can just walk and reach the island. You have to take the Fairways Road. Others who like taking this trek enjoy a nice view of the whole island from the rocks. Diniwid is an island that was established on a high cliff above the sea. You will find an exclusive residence there that has been turned into a private resort as well.

3. Puka Shell Beach

This is the next longest island. It covers most of the northern end. The waters here are calmer. Puka beach is eight hundred meters in length. It was called Puka because there are many shells of this kind in the island. They are smaller shells that are white as well. The local residents there bead them together to form necklaces or bracelets. This shell is known for being the finest shell on earth. You can also appreciate the view by riding a banca to the place. The stretch ends at the cliffs that are located at the northernmost end where many tribes live.

4.Cagban Beach

This beach is a nice place where you can have a treasure hunt activity. Cagban literally means chest. In the old times people believed that many chests have been buried under the sands or in the caves. This is another beach where you can enjoy water sports and activities but with a more peaceful atmosphere.
5. Balinghai Beach

This is a small beach that is covered with rocks. It can be the most romantic place for a couple who prefers to have their own privacy in a wonderful and peaceful beach. There are several cottages all over the resort. The resort can deliver food to your cottage and bring you some drinks too.
6. Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach is a place where windsurfers from all over the world come around the first few months. They like the strong force of the winds and surf on the waves. Many kiteboarders come there too to enjoy the winds.

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