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Puerto Galera Festivals and Events

Puerto Galera Festivals and Events


Puerto Galera’s fine white sand and light blue sea is an instant attraction to locals and foreigners alike. For those who want to bask in the sun or engage in a couple of water sports without spending a hefty amount, Puerto Galera tops the list as a holiday getaway. There are many other good things about Puerto Galera that are often overlooked. Take for instance the colorful Puerto Galera festivals celebrated annually which are very different from other celebrations in the country.

Banana Festival

Puerto Galera is just about the only place that has a Banana Festival. Celebrated for a full 2 days in the month of March, this Puerto Galera festival is all about bananas which grow in abundance here. During the Banana Festival there are several competitions held including a banana cook fest where the participant who can come up with the best tasting dish with this fruit as the primary ingredient wins. The focus of this Puerto Galera festival is a particular type of banana called “saba” which is usually cooked prior to being served. The Banana Festival coincides with another local celebration in honor of Puerto Galera’s patron saint, St. Joseph so one can expect double the fun during this event. The Banana Festival is also highlighted by street dancing which the inhabitants prepare for a couple months before the actual celebration. The choreographed dances are performed by the residents adorned in colorful costumes and during the Banana Festival anyone is welcome to join the street party.

Reggae Festival

Another popular Puerto Galera festival that is highly anticipated is the Reggae Festival which is fairly new. Less than a decade old, the Reggae Festival was first celebrated four years ago in Puerto Galera with several bands participating and sound systems sponsored by big companies installed all over Puerto Galera. The Reggae Festival shows how much the Filipinos love music and that this particular genre has sub-genres that create a wonderful mixture of the traditional reggae with a taste of Filipino. This Puerto Galera festival is enjoyed by tourists and residents regardless of age because this is a chance to mingle under the common language of music. A couple of good bands are discovered during the Reggae Festival and the main attraction of the event is the massive party that goes on throughout the day and gets livelier at night. Resorts in Puerto Galera sponsor the Reggae Festival by providing beach side buffets at affordable prices during this Puerto Galera festival.

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