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Beautiful Beaches of Bohol

Beautiful Beaches of Bohol

Bohol (an island situated in the Visayas in the Philippines, is a place of lush history and is a wonderful tourist destination. It is the home of the Tarsier and the Chocolate Hills. What not many people know is that Bohol also has one of the most beautiful and awesome beaches in the Philippines or maybe even in the world. Some beaches there are not only a nice place for swimming and picnicking but also an excellent place for diving. Here, below are some of the beautiful and breathtaking beaches of Bohol.

Alona Beach – it is the most developed and probably the most beautiful beach on Panglao Island. It is located in the southwest side of the island with nice resorts and a numerous well equipped diving establishments. One must only be very careful in wading in the water because 20-30 meters away from the coast are some sea urchins.

Dumaluan Beach– is located 2 ½ kilometers from Alona Beach. It is here where Bohol Beach Club and some other more exclusive beach resorts of Bohol are located.

Bikini Beach – located about 8 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City. This beach is an ideal place for people who are fond of picnics.

Momo Beach –this one is situated on the north side of Panglao Island with shallow water and also with white powdery sand.

Doljo Beach – not far from Momo Beach and on the northwest side of the island is where this beach is located. It has clean blue water which is an ideal spot for scuba diving where divers can find undisturbed coral reefs abundant with many colorful fishes and many beautiful sea shells. It has also a long white sand shoreline.

Kaingit Beach – this beach is also in Tagbilaran City and is situated in a cove. It was developed by the city government of Tagbilaran and also maintained by them. One can observe here a sea which remains calm even on stormy weather.

Santa Fe Beach – this beach is located near the Poblacion of Albuquerque which is also 13 km from Tagbilaran City. It has white sand also and is fronting the open sea of Mindanao.

Laya Beach – located in Baclayon and is about 9 km from Tagbilaran City, is shaded by tall coconut trees. It is ideal for picnics and the rest houses are available at a minimum cost.

Duero Beach – this beach is situated 77 km from Tagbilaran City and is in the eastern part of Bohol. It is also a white sand beach which is shaded by palm and coconut trees.

Imelda Beach – it is located in Damiao and about 40 km from Tagbilaran City. It was once used as a campsite for boy and girl scouts of Bohol.
Canuba Beach – located in Jagna, is also blessed with white sand beach and clean blue waters shaded by palm trees.

So, if you’re planning to spend your vacation on a beach, why not try spending it in one of the beautiful beaches of Bohol in the Philippines. You can enjoy nature in a most relaxing atmosphere with the advantage of modern facilities at a more reasonable cost.

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