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Boracay Destination Guides

Boracay Destination Guides


Boracay is more than just about gorgeous beaches, basking in the sun, water sports and partying all night although these are very alluring. There are Boracay destinations that one can visit when on vacation there and one can add this to the growing list of reasons to visit Boracay.

The Kingfisher’s Farm

The island of Boracay has a narrow point which from the main road is a mere 10 minutes away by foot. The narrowest point is where the Kingfisher’s Farm is located and it’s easily identifiable with the numerous mangrove coves that line the outskirts of this Boracay destination. The Kingfisher’s Farm has many interesting attractions including jumping milkfishes that are indeed amusing. One can even rent a cabana at the Kingfisher’s Farm, order a sumptuous meal from the in-house restaurant or bring uncooked food and grill it there. There are also billiards and card games that guests can do to entertain themselves at this Boracay destination in addition to a game of tennis at the Kingfisher’s Farm. For the nature lovers, this Boracay destination is a great stop over because of the trees and the birds that make Kingfisher’s Farm their home. It’s a chance to unwind after several days of action and adventure at the beach.

The Butterfly Garden

If Palawan has a Butterfly Garden then so does the island of Boracay and it is becoming a big attraction. The tropical garden that the butterflies have made their home is a re-creation of the species’ natural habitat and there are about 300 different kinds of butterflies that live here at the Butterfly Garden. There is even a museum here where the scientific names of the butterflies are given with a sample of the specie itself. A tourist guide at the Butterfly Garden will take the visitors on an enchanting tour of this Boracay destination and give a lecture on the breeding and life cycle of these species.

The Butterfly Garden’s nursery serves as the breeding ground for butterflies. Aside from the guided tour, visitors are allowed to move freely at this Boracay destination and learn interesting things on their own or just simply sit, relax and watch them flutter around. For those who have signed up for island hopping, one of the stops would be the Butterfly Garden. Although this Boracay destination has no restaurant or store within its premises, there are several dining establishments located nearby that are just a walking distance away.

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