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Butuan Beach Guide

Butuan Beach Guide

Butuan may be associated with historical monuments and landmarks, but there are also several beaches you may want to check out. If you are not sure where to go, this Butuan beach guide can point the way.

Located some 30 km away is Cubi Cubi Beach, and this Butuan beach guide can relay some of the qualities that make it such a top attraction. There are the lovely resorts and cottages around the beach, which complement the scenery rather than diminish it. There are also the friendly local folks, and of course the waters and sands, which rank as among the most exquisite in the Philippines.

This Butuan beach guide can also point to Jabonga Beach as another worthwhile site. One of the distinguishing features of the area is that there are several beaches lying side by side, so you can spend your time just exploring each one. It is also worth noting that these beaches are also connected to other diving sites, which is always popular with tourists, both local and foreign.

For those who are looking for something a bit more serene, this Butuan beach guide can recommend you to the Tubay Coastline, which is only about 40 km from Butuan, Philippines. Unlike other beaches, the major part of the environment has been left untouched, and remains in pristine and clear form. This is the place to be for those that want some quiet time on their hands.

Tinago Beach is also becoming a much sought after tourist destination. If you come to the site, this Butuan beach guide can inform you that you will be greeted by the sight of several diverse cottages, resorts and nipa huts. The latter in particular is very popular among travelers, as it helps bring about a feeling of being completely away from the modern trappings of suburban life.

Vinafor Beach is well known for being a haven for diving enthusiasts, but as this Butuan beach guide can attest, the white sands are world class too, and possess a silky smooth texture that few beaches can claim to have. The breeze coming from the shore is also constant and comforting, be it in the morning or nighttime.

As this Butuan beach guide makes plain, there is more to the city than just scouring over historical relics and examining its glorious heritage. If you feel like taking a dip in some of the finest beaches in the Philippines, you now know where to go.

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