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Dumaguete City Travel Information

Dumaguete City Travel Information

If you’re traveling to the Philippines, you will not want to miss Dumaguete, the City of Gentle People. Europeans and Japanese love the place, and after making that vacation trip, you’re going to love Dumaguete too.

Dumaguete City is the center of education in the region. The large number of universities and colleges in Dumaguete has made the city a favorite converging point for students from nearby provinces who wish to pursue a college degree. Silliman University, named after philanthropist and Presbyterian layman Horace Brinsmade Silliman of New York, was established in 1901 and is the first Protestant school in the Philippines; it is also Asia’s oldest American university. So don’t be surprised if you bump into someone who can fluently talk about marine biology when you visit Dumaguete.

Dumaguete offers sea lovers easy access to nearby water havens. A favorite stop is Bais Bay, where one can watch whales and dolphins frolic in their sea paradise. There are also many beach resorts to get a good tan and several dive sites to explore. Among the best beach resorts to go to in Dumaguete are Atlantis, El Dorado, and Antulang. If you plan to dive, go check out Sumilon and Apo Islands and experience the diversity of the sites’ marine ecosystems. Incidentally, Silliman University has its Marine Preserve in Apo Island.

If you would rather scale heights and go on a trek that will take you 1,864 meters above sea level, you can opt to hike to Mount Talinis. Also called Cuernos de Negros (Horns of Negros), Mount Talinis is adorned with rare flora and fauna. If you’re lucky enough, you can get a glimpse of the Visayan Hornbill (Penelopides Panini), a critically endangered avian species. Once you’re reached the top of Mount Talinis, you won’t regret having made the whole-day trip. The orchids, lakes, and virgin forests are eye candy to the nature lover. Don’t forget to bring a camera or you’ll regret it.

Travelers who need a cyber fix or simply want to e-mail messages and photos to loved ones back home can choose from several Internet cafes in Dumaguete.

There are also several food stops with the traveler in mind. Persian Palate serves hummus, kababs, and curry dishes. If you’re a Chinese food lover, you can drop by the air-conditioned Chin Loong; just make sure to come in early because it won’t be easy to find an empty table at night. If you fancy pizza and pasta, Buonissimo Pizza Flight 2000 is the place for you; it’s an open café that offers large servings to the hungry traveler. You may also want to end your day by checking out the bars and restaurants along Rizal Boulevard.

Travel to Dumaguete and spend an activity-filled vacation. Meet its warm, friendly and educated people or check out the sorcery and witchcraft of Siquijor. Enjoy the cool waters and dive your heart out. Climb scenic Mount Talinis. Surf the Internet. Savor the flavor of international cuisine. Go for that nightcap. Experience Dumaguete.

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    This Island is surrounded by beautiful blue water. Very friendly people who eat fresh produce and meat on a daily basis. Nothing is refrigerated except the ubquitous San Miguel pale pilsen. Nightclubs like ‘touch me nots’ provide adequate night rythms for dancing and partying.Go further towards the mountains, and feel the freshness of the nature and the people who live there.
    If you need action hang around Silliman U in town and also dont forget to visit Joe’s Chicken restaurant. Chicken on a stick with condiments is their specialty. Also if you are in the fast food arena try out Jolibee, chow king and ofcourse Shakey;s Pizzaria . Try all of them with the filipino San Miguel beer. Also try the flea market on Wednesdays in Daiun. Great place, fresh fish grilled while you wait and enjoy the sea breeze of the ocean. Let your self loose here forever.

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