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Philippines: The Travel Destination Like No Other

Philippines: The Travel Destination Like No Other

How would you like to spend a wonderful day in a lovely place where you can just let your hair down and be in one with the calmness of nature? Imagine crystal clear waters, coconut trees casting their shadows, eye-refreshing sights of wide green fields, the smell of fresh air, the scenic view of the mountains, and picturesque views of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Think there is no place like this? Think this is just a fantasy?

Well, put all those travel fantasies out your mind because fantasies can become a vacation reality. And for those who would want to believe that they could actually experience such splendid travel experience, welcome to the country with the best travel and vacation spots in the world—The Philippines!

Whether you want to go to the North or feel like heading to the South, the Philippines could offer you breathtaking travel destinations that would surely capture your heart and will make you keep coming back for more. It’s in these tropical islands that you can find pristine white sandy beaches, turquoise blue seas, swaying bamboo trees, and rainforests with atypical plants and animals. Definitely, the marvelous travel destinations in the Philippines could relax you and put all your worries away.

If you plan to go to the northern part of the country, you will surely love to visit the Strawberry Farm and Mines View Park in Baguio and feel the cool and breezy touch of the wind. You may also want to do some island hopping in Pangasinan with its famous Hundred Islands, which is also a perfect travel destination if you want some tranquility and feel like contemplating. You can also find the famous Banaue Rice Terraces in the North, which is located in Banaue, the Hanging Coffins in Sagada, Mountain Province, and the Batanes Island.

There’s also the popular Pagudpod Island in Ilocos Norte where vacationers and travelers can plunge and enjoy the cool and refreshing beach water. If you feel like wanting to experience the old times and have a feel of the life during the Spanish Era, Vigan in Ilocos Sur is the best place for you where you can see precious remnants of the old Spanish architecture.

Meanwhile, the southern part of the Philippines boasts of its breathtaking vacation and tourist spots. One of the most famous travel spots in the South is Puerto Galera, which is a string of white sand beaches located on the Northwest side of Mindoro Island.
Another famous tourist spot is the island of Bohol where you can see the world-renowned Chocolate Hills, the Tarsier Trail, and the breathtaking Panglao Island. You may want to dip into the crystal clear waters of Panglao Island in Bohol. It is also in the South that travelers could find the lovely island of Cebu. This is where the historical Battle of Mactan took place.

Davao, on the other hand, could give you the feeling of being one with the tranquility of the nature. If you would want to go to a place where the natural resources seem to be preserved, Palawan is the best place for you. Then again if you don’t feel like going farther in the South, you may try visiting Batangas and check out the popular Taal Volcano there. However, if you feel like wanting to learn more about the occurrences during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, Corregidor in Cavite is a must see.

Whether you like to plunge into the ocean, trek the mountains, do some camping, or just feel the wonders of nature, The Philippines is definitely the best travel destination for you. Moreover, a vacation in the Philippines is made even more memorable due to the sincere hospitality of the Filipinos.

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