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The Wonders of Davao City

The Wonders of Davao City

Davao City has many firsts in the Philippines and abroad. Among these is being the world’s second largest city in terms of land area. Davao City also boasts of having the second largest urban market in the East ASEAN Growth Polygon.

But there is more to Davao City than the huge market of fruit and fish sold at eye-popping low prices. It is also rich in many things that nature offers. Let’s have a look around the wonders of Davao City, Philippines.

One of the best things the people of Davao City enjoy is the weather. It hardly ever gets any storms. Davao City always gets fair weather, some rain showers and humidity come by every now and then but no typhoons ever get there.

The Davao City economy had a huge upsurge in the 90s and is still thriving past the next decade. The next thrust of economic growth in Davao City seems to veering away from the agriculture sector in recent years. It still remains as one of the top exporters in the region.

Let’s take a look at some of the tourist spots Davao City is famous for.

Mount Apo, known locally as a tribal god’s abode is located at Cabarisan, Davao City. This is the tallest peak in the Philippines standing at 10,311 feet above sea level. It is a favorite climb among local mountaineers. The climb to the top of Mount Apo would take a group about four days along the many trails climbers often ascend.

Those who would dare the peak will have to contact the Department of Tourism in Davao City before proceeding or the Mt. Apo Climbers Association. The local government of Davao City also organizes Holy Week Climbs and the Octotrek, a climb to the top on October; both are peak seasons when large groups of climbers join in the challenge.

Philippine Eagle Nature Center is a nature reserve where the world’s largest species of eagles (formerly known as the monkey-eating eagle) are kept since they’ve been declared as endangered species. The Philippine Eagle’s base diet in the wild are monkeys (thus the name). The nature center is located at Calinan, Davao City.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is the perfect get-away to revel in tropical pleasures offered in Davao City. The farm is located in a secluded cove on Samal Island off Davao City’s coast.

Crocodile Park, Davao City, boasts of having bred one of the biggest crocodiles — measuring 18 feet. Other than watching these enormous reptiles one can also enjoy horseback riding, and a day at the park, or, if you’re up to it, you may have a chance to feed young crocodiles.

These are only some of the many wonderful places we can head to for a great tour of Davao City. Accommodations in the city range from $60 to $470. Airfare from Manila to Davao City would cost more than Php 3,000.

Take time to try out the cheap buys and great sights all over the many wonders of Davao City, Philippines.

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