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Dipolog Transportation

Dipolog Transportation


The provincial capital of the northern part of Zamboanga is one that has scenic rolling hills and calm blue seas that are truly among nature’s wonders. Despite the fact that Dipolog is highly industrialized, this part of Zamboanga has managed to retain the beauty of its many natural wonders and this is one of the many reasons that both tourists and businessmen flock here. Known as the Orchid City, if one is planning a trip to Dipolog, it will help a lot if one knew what modes of Dipolog transportation are available as options to see this magnificent city.

Getting to Dipolog

Going on a direct flight to Dipolog is indeed very convenient especially with the facilities of the Dipolog Airport and it’s not a surprise that many prefer this mode of Dipolog transportation to access the city. Today, there are 4 major airlines that offer flights to Dipolog City and these are Philippine Airlines, Asian Spirit, Cebu Pacific and Zest Air. During peak season, air fare to Dipolog is around Php3000 to Php5000 but during off peak season, these prices are slashed down to just around Php1000.

Getting to Dipolog is also possible via land with the increasing efficiency of national highways on which these types of Dipolog transportation traverse on. There are buses that leave Manila daily headed for Dipolog and although the trip could take over a day, this is the most affordable and one has the opportunity to see other provinces that the bus will pass through. This type of Dipolog transportation costs about Php1000 per head.

For those who want to travel by sea going to Dipolog this form of Dipolog transportation is also possible with major shipping companies making trips to this province in Zamboanga del Norte almost everyday of the week. Ocean Jet, GP Lines, Super Ferry WG&A are among the maritime vessels that can safely take one to Dipolog.

Getting Around Dipolog

When going around the city of Dipolog, there are various modes of Dipolog transportation that one can use with jeepneys being the most common and the cheapest. Tourists aren’t usually inclined to take jeepneys thinking they might get lost but here’s a tip, they travel a particular route. One can always ask the driver if it will pass by one’s destination or one can ask a local on what type of transportation to take. For short distances, it’s always the tricycle but for more comfortable rides, there are taxis in Dipolog City.

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