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Makati Destination Guides

Makati Destination Guides


Makati is home to a thriving commercial district and towering skyscrapers. Makati, a progressive and highly urbanized city has several tourist attractions that one can visit to get a feel of what living in Metro Manila is like. Several Makati destinations await and one will find that these tourist sites preserve Philippine history despite the fact that Makati is all about what’s modern.

<h3>Fort Bonifacio</h3>

Formerly a military base, Fort Bonifacio has become a vast commercial area and can be considered a city within a city. Although there are still remnants of its military history in that there are still fully functioning military facilities here, Fort Bonifacio has towering condominiums, several club houses and golf courses, business establishments, restaurants and bars. What’s good about this Makati destination is despite having all the modern conveniences that we are accustomed to, fresh air is not some pricy commodity here. This Makati destination has several training camps in forested areas where one can visit, and parks where one can just sit on a bench and relax or jog. The

Fort Bonifacio was a vast tract of land acquired by the US Government and turned over to the Philippine government pursuant to a bases conversion plan done in 1949. The suburbs of this Makati destination is the home of many affluent people, and one will notice that aside from being clean and well maintained, Fort Bonifacio has everything one could possibly need within its confines. Someone living in Fort Bonifacio for instance need not leave the area to go to the mall, grab coffee with friends or have the car tuned up. Equipped with all modern conveniences, this Makati destination is a good place to stay at aside from visit when in Manila.

<h3>Guadalupe Ruins</h3>

Now something that is purely historic is the Guadalupe Ruins found on Bernardino Street in Guadalupe Viejo. This Makati destination is really a church that is several centuries old called the Nuestra Senora de Gracia Church. The architecture of the Guadalupe Ruins is something straight out of the history books with its Doric style that was immensely popular during the late 17th century. The way that this Makati destination was built several centuries ago is also something that’s amazing. The original stones that make up the foundation of the Guadalupe Ruins were specifically cut to that size at a quarry and it was buttressed to ensure that it could withstand the test of time. This Makati destination despite being a church is visited by tourists no matter what religion they may belong to because the Guadalupe Ruins emanates tranquility. The Guadalupe Ruins is also very accessible via public modes of transportation.

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