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Manila Hospitals and Health Care

Manila Hospitals and Health Care


One of the perks of being in Manila and actually living in it is that one is always assured that good medical care is just a stone’s throw away. Manila hospitals have distinguished doctors, the latest medical equipment and are more than adequately equipped to meet any emergency.

Asian Hospital and Medical Center

The Asian Hospital and Medical Center is a fairly new health facility in the southern part of Metro Manila and it only opened last 2002. This Manila hospital has a 217 bed capacity and has in its employ over a thousand healthcare providers including outsourced staff. Asian Hospital and Medical Center is all about personal touch and its mission is to become a world class healthcare provider. It’s comforting to know that this Manila hospital is open 24 hours in case of emergencies, has outpatient services, intensive care beds, provide services for clinical nutrition, lab tests and other tertiary facilities. Being confined at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center is really not any different from staying in a hotel because of how comfortable the patient rooms are for both patients and visitors. This Manila hospital specializes in medicine, dermatology, anesthesiology, emergency medicine and dental medicine to name a few.

Three years after it first opened, Asian Hospital and Medical Center received 3 awards for being the Best Hospital, Most Outstanding Modern Hospital and Best Modern Hospital. One will be surprised and glad to know that this Manila hospital has partnered with the Departments of Tourism and Health when it comes to Medical Tourism. Many of the patients that have been confined or consulted a physician at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center agree that this is a place where happiness and healing are synonymous.

St. Luke’s Medical Center

Now St. Luke’s Medical Center is a hospital that has been around for a long time but it certainly doesn’t feel outdated and it isn’t. The most prestigious international accreditation body when it comes to healthcare has accredited this Manila hospital and this accreditation speaks a lot of in terms of meeting and exceeding international standards. St. Luke’s Medical Center uses modern technology when it comes to determining the physical and mental state of the patient and they are big on research and biotechnology. Found in the northern part of Metro Manila, St. Luke’s Medical Center is in Quezon City and they have 13 departments for primary health. The executive check up program of St. Luke’s Medical Center is commendable and they have wellness packages to help their patients prevent and cure sickness so they can lead a longer and more rewarding life. St. Luke’s Medical Center offers several packages depending on what the patient needs and rest assured at the end of it, one will feel like a new man.

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