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Zamboanga Restaurant Guide

Zamboanga Restaurant Guide

This Zamboanga restaurant guide will take you through three of the most popular dining establishments that primarily have seafood on the menu. And the Philippines being a collection of thousands of islands with its many coastlines is one place where you can enjoy boundless and fresh seafood any day of the year and at affordable prices too.

Alavar Seafood Restaurant

The first establishment in this Zamboanga restaurant guide for great seafood in the Philippines is Alavar Seafood Restaurant. This very popular business is located at 173 Don Alfaro St., Brgy. Tetuan. One particular item that patrons can not seem to get enough of is their curacha (local crab) with Alavar sauce. Yes, that special sauce is also sold as a separate bottled item (in addition to other Alavar pre-made products) that you take home with you.

Hai San Seafood Market and Restaurant

Situated at 60 San Jose Road, the second business in this Zamboanga restaurant guide for seafood in the Philippines is a two-in-one establishment which mainly focuses on Chinese cuisine. Going by its name – Hai San Seafood Market and Restaurant – you are given the option to buy your ingredients (fresh fish, live crustaceans in tanks, vegetables, etc.) and have them cook it as you prefer under the menu categories of “Ways of Cooking”, “Steamed”, and “Fried”. It goes to show that you can not get seafood entrées with fresher ingredients than how they do it.

Mano Mano Na Greenfield Restaurant

“Mano-mano”, when translated to English, means “to eat with ones hands” and this restaurant along Gov. Ramos Avenue is where eating without utensils is very much smiled upon. This last restaurant in our Zamboanga restaurant guide for seafood in the Philippines boasts of very affordable menu items like calamari or blue marlin that is less than 100 pesos per dish. It is a casual, hang-out place that is frequented by families and groups of friends alike that is why it is almost always packed with customers.

This Zamboanga restaurant guide for seafood in the Philippines covers three of the most popular establishments among the many seafood restaurants in the city. Breaking this Zamboanga restaurant guide down, we have Alavar Seafood first. Its well-liked curacha with Alavar sauce is arguably the most recognizable dish in the city that its sauce can even be bought separately in a bottle. Hai San, on the other hand, offers a Chinese-oriented approach to serving seafood with its method of “buy and then cook as the customer likes it”. Lastly, Mano Mano na Greenfield with its undeniable native, homey and casual atmosphere in addition to its affordable menu items is a definite must-try in the City of Zamboanga, Philippines.

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