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Dumaguete Restaurant Guide

Dumaguete Restaurant Guide

Dumaguete City has a couple of gourmet surprises for the unknowing visitor which we took into our Dumaguete Restaurant Guide so that you know which restaurant is hot and which is not. Dumaguete is not the hottest place in the Philippines when it comes to five-star dining, but it definitely has some innovative cooking which we will be introducing to you in this Dumaguete Restaurant Guide.

The first place that the Dumaguete Restaurant Guide will take you to is a fairly new place to wine and dine, but it definitely has the chic and the style of a European restaurant. We are talking about the Casablanca restaurant, which is located on Cervantes Street. This restaurant slash sushi bar slash delicatessen shop has everything a European food lover or Japanese food lover needs. The dishes are rich, savory and huge so that your hunger will definitely be satisfied. The deli shop offers wines, cheese, cold cuts, pastries and European delicacies depending on the season. The Japanese food here is great and the sushi is probably the largest and most savory that you can find in the entire Philippines.

Let us move to the next place of the Dumaguete Restaurant Guide. This place has been a long established restaurant that serves quality food with a view towards the ocean. The Don Atilano restaurant is often visited by celebrities and known people of the Philippines whenever they happen to visit Dumaguete. Don Atilano has a steak house and a Japanese restaurant. The Japanese food is a little stingy with the servings, but the taste is still great. The specialties of Don Atilano are the steaks which they get fresh from their own steak shop.

Another restaurant that has to be part of the Dumaguete Restaurant Guide of the Philippines is Gaby’s Bistro. Gaby’s Bistro is the newest addition in the Dumaguete Restaurant Guide because it just finished in the summer of 2008. This restaurant has some of the best chicken in the entire Philippines and not even fast food restaurants can compare with this chicken. Gaby’s Bistro serves an array of international foods such as Mexican, Italian, Filipino, Thai, and Japanese and so on. Try the delicious Spaghetti with Meat Balls or the Japanese Fish Teriyaki. The apple crumble pie is one of the best pastries you have ever tried in the entire country.

These three restaurants make up the crème de la crème of the Dumaguete Restaurant Guide and you can dine in them from breakfast to dinner. Visit the best the Philippine has to offer within the Dumaguete Restaurant Guide.

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