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Dumaguete Sightseeing and Activities

Dumaguete Sightseeing and Activities

Dumaguete City, being the capital of Negros Oriental, has many interesting places to visit for a tourist. Different kinds of activities like sightseeing, nature-tripping, swimming, diving can be engaged in by travelers. Parks, animal sanctuaries, historical landmarks, museums, religious shrines, natural landmarks and beaches are destinations that will make tourists enjoy their visit to Dumaguete City.

Right inside the city are destinations for different kinds of activities. Aquino Freedom Park is an ideal place for promenading. Another good place for promenading is Rizal Boulevard. One can stroll along the street and enjoy the waterfront scenery. Perdices Avenue, on the other hand, has many shops for dining and shopping. Meanwhile, the Center For Tropical Studies in Siliman University is an ideal place for nature-loving tourists. Animals endemic to the area like the spotted deer (Cervus alfredi) are showcased in this zoo. For tourists who love arts and culture, the Mariya Gallery and Silliman University Ethno-Anthro Museum are the places to visit. The Dumaguete Belfry in the Cathedral of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Dumaguete City Hall, and Provincial Capitol are places to visit for history buffs.

Beaches near Dumaguete City are not just for sightseeing and swimming. Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities in some of the beaches. Antulang Beach in Siaton boasts of white pebble beach, clear blue water, magnificent rock formations and lush marine life. Apo Island in Dauin is a popular spot for diving. The beaches of Camangyawon Beach, Lag-it Beach, San Moritz Beach,White Sandbar Reef and
Talisay Beach Park are ideal for swimming or just strolling around. Mina’s Undersea World and White Sandbar Reef are ideal places for snorkeling. Diving enthusiasts will enjoy going to Balatong Point.

The more adventurous tourist will not be disappointed with Dumaguete City. Cave formations and mountain trails are available for tourists who want to go trekking. Mabinay Caves has many places to offer for a spelunking tourists. Cayaso Cave boasts of an underground river while Odloman Cave was just cited as the second longest cave in the Philippines. Other caves worth visiting in Mabinay are Baliw Cave, Crystal Cave, Mambajo Cave, Panligawan Cave and Pandalihan Cave.

Mountaineering and trekking are popular activities in destinations like Camp Mapot and Mountain Park, Makawiliwili Ridge, Mount Canlaon and Mount Talinis. For picnics and camping, Forest Camp, Whuthering Heights and Veranda of the World are the places to visit.

Nature and animal lovers have several destinations to choose from. One can visit Bais City for dolphin and whale watching. Talabong Mangrove Park offers tourist to see the diverse flora and fauna within the mangrove forest.

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