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Subic Beach Guide

Subic Beach Guide

Subic Bay Beaches

The beaches of Subic Bay are famous not only to local but also to foreign tourists because of its cool breeze and various water activities. Olongapo City is the biggest in Zambales and is close to the Subic Bay Freeport. Most of the beaches in the city are located in Barrio Barretto. This Subic Beach Guide provides an overview of exceptional venues where one can bask in the cool waters of the city as well as the beauty of nature.

Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach was mired in a legal battle that was the reason for its closure. However, the City Government has now taken control of the beach and has made it open to the public.
Situated in the National Highway after Ocean View Resort, this is a simple beach that typifies the Filipino’s love for the beach but dislike for the sun. There are several cottages located within its shores that are available for whole day rental.

Depending on the size of the cottage, the cost of rental may range from 300 to 500 pesos. There is no entrance fee being charged and people love the thought of bringing their own food and rent some grilling facilities.

According to Subic Beach Guide, Half Moon Beach is easily accessible by riding the blue jeepney from the Victory Liner station. Limited parking space is available along the road.
Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach serves as the principal beach that is open to the public in Barrio Barretto. It is found across the PNP camp and is likewise located along the National Highway. There is limited parking space and cottages available for rent but they are found after the seawalls.
According to Subic Beach Guide, there are privately owned beaches as well and they are found in Subic Bay Freeport, the former US military base. Within the facility, there are three beaches that are famous not only to local residents but also tourists from other parts of the country.

All Hands Beach

Known as “Everybody’s Beach,” All Hands Beach used to be place where US forces go for accommodating over 1,500 people. There is a 150 pesos entrance fee that will be charged to guests.

Dungaree Beach

During the time of the American forces, Dungaree Beach was known as “Dog Beach.” It is ideal for guests numbering more than 500 persons. Dungaree Beach is perfect for conducting beach parties. There is a 150 pesos entrance fee that will be charged to guests.

Camayan Beach

Along with Grande Island Resort, Camayan is the only remaining public beach located within the Freeport zone. Camayan Beach has a 250 pesos entrance fee. The beach is limited to a certain number of guests in order to keep the beach from being overcrowded. There are cottages that are available for rent.

On the other hand, entrance to Grande Island Resort is dependent on the availability of ferries that will take guests to the venue.

By looking at this Subic Beach Guide, one would be able to determine which is the best location to go when looking for a beach in Subic Bay.

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  1. Jonathan Santos

    I already visit Half Moon Beach yesterday April 10, 2010 but the entrance is not free they charging 50 Php for adult, 40 for kids and free for children below 4ft. The cottage rental cost 1000 Php for small and 1500 php for big cottage. The beach is shoreline is good and the water is clean.

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