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Cebu Personal Blogs

Cebu Personal Blogs

Cebu City has been the considered to be center of industry, education, trade and business. It has become more than a place but it has been a symbol of progress and development in in the Visayas Region. Being there is tantamount (almost) as being in Metro Manila (capital of the Philippines). The famous Magellan’s Cross is also one of the main tourist attractions of Cebu City.

Surviving Cebu City’s Whereabouts

Since Cebu City is a highly-developed metropolitan in the Philippines, there are a lot of must-see places around the vicinity. Most of these places have historical and religious significance throughout the history of Cebu. Two (2) of my favorite places are Casa Gorordo Museum and Basilica of Santo Niño (Basilica del Santo Niño or Basilica of the Holy Child). Casa Gorordo is a well-maintained grand mansion with Spanish-themed design. The said mansion is built mostly of wood and it has one of the best garden settings I had seen. The Basilica of Santo Niño, however, has been regarded as the oldest religious artifact or relic in the Philippines. Unlike old churches around the world, this church is still active-meaning devotees, not just tourists, flock the church for Catholic liturgical or spiritual activities. This church marked as the symbol for the conversion of the natives of Cebu (since the Spanish colonization) to Christianity or Catholicism.

How to roam around Cebu City

Philippines ‘King of the Road’ or Jeepneys are the main transporters of Cebu City. These jeeps are designed with colorful patterns that tourists would surely love! Minimum charge for the fare of this public utility vehicle is usually uniformed with standard fare in the Philippines. Buses are also available in the city transporting visitors on all parts of the island. Of course, if one has a bigger and heftier budget and would like to have some personal approach as per roaming around the city, taking or renting a cab would be the best option. Taxis are available virtually around the city. As per experience, it is always best to have somebody (a relative or local in the city) to guide through the city to do some bargaining to save some hard-earned money. Nonetheless, taxis provide better comfort compare to the usual public jeeps or buses, and of course, it always comes with an additional cost. Before I forget, tricycles are also available as one of the popular public vehicles that can get tourists and visitors alike in short distance travels.

Knowing and being informed of something about a certain place would definitely spell a big difference in traveling, roaming or exploring experience. As for me, it eases up away some tension or pressure and let me enjoy my precious moments of vacation worthwhile. Cebu has been a wonderful destination for me and I would be looking forward to be there anytime given another opportunity.

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