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Tacloban Sightseeing Guide

Tacloban Sightseeing Guide

Tacloban is a city in Leyte,Philippines. It is three hundred sixty miles from Manila. This city has its own port. This city is in the eastern portion of Visayas. This city was called Kankabatok before because of the people who lived there known as Kabatoks. The city’s name was altered when the Spanish arrived and it became Tacloban. The name Tacloban came from the taraklub which was one of the ways fishermen would catch seafood. It was a covering for the sea animals.

The climate in Tacloban differ each month. The warm months can be from April until June. The cooler months are around December until January. The whole year though the cities like the rest of the Philippines get a fair amount of rain. May is perhaps the driest month of all.

There are many things you can do in Tacloban. One of them is enjoying the city’s Pintados Festival. This is a festival that is celebrated for one whole month. It happens around the last week of June. The city highlights the native dances and they hold parades. They recall Tacloban’s history before the conquerors came. You can also visit some of the best landmarks you can see in the Philippines like the MacArthur Memorial, Boy Scouts Monument,San Juanico Bridge and Palo Cathedral. San Juanico is the country’s longest suspended bridge. You can also visit the Shrine and Museum of Santo Niño.
Accommodations are not a huge problem in Tacloban. There are many cheaper accomodations where you can sleep in the city. The cheapest cost of accommodation today is at three hundred pesos while the expensive one is in a hotel costing for two thousand pesos or more. It is still advisable that yuo book where you want to stay before you arrive there. You can choose from several first class hotels or resorts. There are cheaper inns and hostels as well with basic amenities too. Most of the hotels are in Rizal Avenue like Hotel D’ Angelo.

Tacloban has plenty of restaurants where you can dine with your friends and family. There are many cafes where you can enjoy your breakfast and snacks too. Ayo Cafe is one of these places where they offer fine pastries and sweets. They also serve salads and pastas. There are restaurants for seafood lovers and there are restaurants for those who like vegetables. One of the best restaurants offering seafood is San Pedro Bay restaurant.
There are some restaurants for elegant dining like Ritz Tower and Veranda Cafe. There are many fast food chains all over the city as well for those who want to save on money.

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