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Leyte Travel Agents

Leyte Travel Agents

The Province of Leyte

Eastern Visayas Region would never be completed without the Leyte Province. The province of Leyte occupies most of the area of Leyte Island (almost 75%). Leyte Province is situated at the west part of Samar, north of Southern Leyte and Bilaran’s south part. Cebu Island is just located at the western part of Leyte Island (across Camotes Sea).

People and Culture

Cebuanos and Waray-Waray are two of the main groups or natives occupying the island. These diversities are principally due to language and dialects. Cebuanos dominate the southern and western regions while the majority of the Waray-Waray natives occupy the east and north part of the municipality.

Financial System of Leyte Province

Agriculture is the main economic driver of the province of Leyte. In low flat areas, like in Tacloban, rice planting and production is prevalent trade or business. In high or mountainous vicinities, coconut farming, which produces coconut oil, is the chief means of earning money. Another popular source of livelihood among locals or native is fishing. Nonetheless, Leyte Province has the largest geothermal plant in Asia making it one of the provinces in the Philippines that is rich in natural resources.

The Symbol of the Official Provincial Seal of Leyte

The province of Leyte, has a rich historical and cultural heritage even before foreign occupations. The official seal of the Province of Leyte is the summarization of significant events and experiences that happened throughout the history of Leyte Province. The alphabet on the cross argent is the prehistoric Visayan paleographic syllable of the letter ‘L’ which stands for Leyte. The forty-one (41) municipalities of Leyte and the everlasting flame signify the heroes who offered their lives during the Second World War. The second chapter of Leyte’s expansion is represented by the white cross when Magellan stopped in Leyte on his route to Cebu. The landing of the American Liberation Forces spearheaded by General Douglas MacArthur in Leyte during the Second World War is commemorated at the upper part of the seal which is a standpoint of the national Freedom Park.

Trip to Leyte Province

Experiencing the cultural and historical legacy and heritage of the province of Leyte is more enjoyable through the help and assistance of travel agents. If the theme of going to Leyte is more of an educational tour, but not compromising the leisure part of the trip, LGTT or Leyte Gulf and Travel Tours agency is one of the best travel agencies to consider. The said travel agency, aside from promoting the usual tourist spots of Leyte Province and other nearby (Visayas Region) municipalities; they are trying their best to support tourism by discovering potential tourist destinations. Leyte Gulf and Tours is situated at Calle Zaragosa Independencia Street, Tacloban City, Leyte 6500. Just to makes sure of the given information, it would be wise to check the internet for real-time updates. A hassle-free vacation is definitely the most relaxing getaway.

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