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Ormoc Shopping

Ormoc Shopping

As part of the beautiful province of Leyte, Ormoc is a first-class city in the Philippines that boasts of a good lineup of shopping malls, retail shops and specialty stores. These commercial establishments offer people great products, services and merchandises in order for them to experience what Ormoc shopping is really all about. These facilities play host to various restaurants, stalls and supermarkets, all of which offer extensive lists of products that are of great importance to the daily lives of their customers.

Tshilys Store

Although this place is just a small boutique shop, people just cannot help but pay a visit to Tshilys Store in an effort to shop for different kinds of beautiful merchandises. As part of the extensive Ormoc shopping experience that it provides, the place offers a wide variety of Havaianas slippers. Many people love these items because of their rich colors, durability and attractive styles. Aside from such beautiful footwear, the store also offers different kinds of beauty products including imported perfumes, body sprays and special lotions.

Stars and Stripes

For people who want to buy beautiful items at super affordable prices, they must check out Stars and Stripes, which is a shopping store offering all sorts of products for the price of 99 pesos each. For such a very low price, customers can purchase different kinds of special items like cosmetics and vitamins. Furthermore, it also sells different kinds of cheap chocolates, all of which are simply delicious. Many individuals check out this place because all the items available here are imported from the U.S. including home improvement items as well as toys.

Ormoc Centrum

Unlike huge shopping complexes, Ormoc Centrum is just a small commercial establishment with limited number of stalls. Among the popular items inside this place are Sony PSPs, iPod and mobile phones. Additionally, the place also houses stalls that sell different kinds of footwear like rubber shoes, leather shoes and even slippers. Meanwhile, other stalls offer various types of clothing including underwear, t-shirts and jeans. Moreover, shoppers will never go hungry at this commercial center because of the numerous food stalls available, offering super delicious food such as burgers, donuts and waffles.

The Point

The Point is another highly noticeable commercial establishment available in the City of Ormoc. The place houses products of top clothing brands such as Human, Bench and Penshoppe. Likewise, there are also different authentic brands of footwear available inside. For those who wish to avail cellphone repair services, they can find numerous stalls inside offering their services at reasonable prices. There is also a separate location for inexpensive footwear, accessories and clothing.

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  1. andrea martinez

    ormoc is slowly progressing into a city with its own identity…however the residents should take into consideration that with progress we should adapt slowly to keep up of what is currently happening to ormoc…further security measures,cleaner crs, discipling the people to not charge a hundred times from what the original fare is, the government and municipal officers should be less petty and must be concerned about the progress and welfare of the people they serve and the like…however i am happy to say as the years go ormoc has done some progress especially with the mall Gaisano Riverside

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