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Boracay Hospitals and Health Care

Boracay Hospitals and Health Care

Boracay is one of the most beautiful, interesting and nice islands in the Philippines that play home to medical establishments that offer efficient services at reasonable costs. Boracay hospitals and health care units feature comfortable facilities and modern equipment that can be used to detect the underlying health conditions of local people as well as tourists in the place. Some of the public health care institutions that provide emergency services are the Boracay Island Hospital, Metropolitan Doctor’s Medical Clinic and the Island Clinic Boracay and Diagnostic Center.

Boracay Island Hospital

To help residents and tourists who need immediate assistance from medical professionals, the local government establishes the Boracay Island Hospital. This health care facility has a small emergency room where patients can stay if they have serious health conditions. Because this is a public health care institution, consultation fees and some medicines are free. However, the facilities are limited so most patients who are in critical conditions are referred by physicians to other Boracay hospitals and health care establishments that have modern equipment and devices. This medical care unit can be easily found because it is situated along the main highway at the island. For inquiries, patients can contact the medical staff at the place at (036) 288-3041.

Metropolitan Doctor’s Medical Clinic

Another establishment in the island that provides medical services to patients is the Metropolitan Doctor’s Medical Clinic. This health care unit has two branches, which can be found at Station 2 and Station 3. Aside from helping patients in the facilities of the clinic, the physicians working at this establishment also offers house calls at reasonable costs. With the quality services that the clinic offers, patients are ensured to get the treatments that they need to improve their health conditions while staying at the island. Inquiries about the other services offered at this medical establishment can be made by calling these numbers, (036) 288-5920, (036) 288-6638 and (036) 288-6357.

Island Clinic Boracay and Diagnostic Center

Situated at 0689 Main Road Balabag, the Island Clinic Boracay and Diagnostic Center offers quality medical and dental services to residents and tourists in the place. Aside from the simple but well ventilated rooms where patients can be admitted in case of emergencies, this health care establishment also offers laboratory services. This medical care unit is open 24 hours a day to provide medical assistance to individuals who have problems with their health. To ask for immediate medical help, patients are encouraged to talk to any of the staff at Island Clinic Boracay and Diagnostic Center by calling (036) 288-4280.

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