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Capitalizing on a Weekend Trip

Capitalizing on a Weekend Trip

Weekend trips are overnight or whole day short breaks that often prove too short. So the best thing is to make sure that every weekend trip is capitalized on so that every moment counts and is enjoyed.

Setting up a plan on what to do during the trip is often good. But plans also sometimes take the fun out of vacation trips and spoils relaxation. The goal of the trip becomes the execution of plans, and this can become very stressful. The thing is to make a simple plan for options in case something prevents the fulfillment of a first option.

For instance, the first option is to take a cab to the bus station or the airport. But cabs can sometimes be hard to find, especially in rush hours. Going ahead with that option may waste time and end up spending almost the whole morning just waiting for a cab. Plan for second and third options for each phase. Never be too rigid about following a single plan. If there’s still no cab after waiting for 30 minutes, then take an alternative transportation or route. Why not take a jeepney or FX service?

Enjoy each step of the way by just taking it easy. Keep a time table for the weekend trip but do not be over zealous with it. Provide allowances for unexpected traffic, delays, and emergencies. When such things happen in a weekend trip, relax and remember that the weekend trip is supposed to be fun and relaxing. So while hauled out somewhere (in a bus station or airport) try to relax and look around. Enjoy whatever scenery there is and the people around.

The immediate needs while traveling for a weekend trip are often simple: a bottle of clean water, small towel, extra shirt, and enough cash. When picnic baskets are taken along, the option is not to go for a public transportation. It’s best to ride in private cars or mini tucks or vans. But eating in fast foods or restaurants is also a good option in a weekend trip. It makes traveling easy and convenient. Just tuck everything in a small shoulder or belt bag and that’s it. When you get to the weekend trip destination, enjoy the place and look for an eatery to spend lunch in.

Weekend trips need more time for sight seeing and relaxation than for the hassles of a trip. Weekend trip plans are welcome. But more helpful is the attitude of enjoying each minute and step of the way.

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