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Palawan Festivals and Events

Palawan Festivals and Events


The island of Palawan is not just home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, it is also a place where celebration happens pretty much all year round. Palawan Festivals and Events are among the factors that draw in tourists to this island and these showcase the warmth and hospitality of the inhabitants. Palawan Festivals and Events also give us a chance to learn more about the history, culture and values of the inhabitants of this island.

Tarek Festival

The first event up on the calendar when it comes to Palawan Festivals and Events is the Tarek Festival. The Tarek Festival is held in the municipality of Aborlan, some 75 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa City. The Tarek Festival is a ritual performed every year by two indigenous groups, the Batak and the Tagbanuas. This is held every 3rd weekend of January and among the highlights are traditional dances performed by the tribes complete with their colorful costumes. This is also a time when we can see the importance of the local priests in the lives of the indigenous community and the Tarek Festival is an opportunity for them to establish contact with local deities.

Puerto Princesa Foundation Day

The next on our list of Palawan Festivals and Events that occurs after the Tarek Festival is the Puerto Princesa Foundation Day. As can be concluded from the name of the event, this is held in the capital city of Palawan and it commemorates the day that Puerto Princesa by virtue of a Presidential Proclamation was declared a highly urbanized city. Puerto Princesa Foundation Day is on the first week of March and here Palawan’s strengths are on display such as their agricultural powers, their skill in dancing and sports and there is much merry making that happens on this day. Puerto Princesa Foundation Day is an event that hasn’t been celebrated for over a decade since the declaration of Puerto Princesa as a highly urbanized city happened less than 5 years ago.

Cuyo Festival

Of all the Palawan Festivals and Events, they say that the most unique is the Cuyo Festival. Similar to the Puerto Princesa Foundation Day, a lot of merry making happens at this event and it involves painting one’s entire body in soot. The highlight of the Cuyo Festival is the street dancing to the beat of drums as compared to choreographed dancing during Puerto Princesa Foundation Day.

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