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Sorsogon Travel Agents

Sorsogon Travel Agents

One of the advocates of eco-tourism in the Bicol Region is Sorsogon City. This third class city is located at the southernmost tip municipality in Luzon. Sorsogon City is considered to be the ‘Gateway to Southern Philippines’ and one of the leading cities in terms of urban lifestyle and economic progress.

Best Place for Eco-Tourism

If a tourist or a visitor is really inclined with nature or would just like to hang out with nature, then the province of is considered to be one big eco-tour destination. Eco-tourism is really a flourishing industry in Sorsogon. All the Eco-Tourism related activities and spots are within easy access with the seat of government and the capital situated in Sorsogon City. The Butanding or Whale Shark Interaction, one of the highly anticipated itineraries, is also included as a tourist package.

This interaction with these lovable sea critters could be experienced at the waters of Bacon District of Sorsogon City, Magallanes, Castilla, Pillar and Donsol. Checking out some exotic flora and fauna could happen at Mount Bulusan Natural Park and the captivating Buluan Mountain Lake Resort. Marine Sanctuaries and attractive dive sites also define what eco-tourism is all about in Sorsogon City. Numinous caves with mystical folk legends could also be explored. Sorsogon’s historical and cultural heritage could also be realized around the place because of the old historic ruins and churches that withstood the tests of time.

Summing it up, tourists or visitors could do a lot of things in Sorsogon City. From rigorous physical activities such as snorkeling, swimming, diving, etc., to just chilling it out and communing with the nature by the beach side, Sorsogon offers a total package of relaxing with wonders of nature.

The Sorsogon Adventure

Sorsogon City has a lot in store for its visitors and tourists who really are nature lovers. To keep up with the pace of the growing wave of eco-tourism in Sorsogon City, travel agencies are supported. One of the noted travel and tours agencies is the Whale Shark Adventure and Tours. They offer great adventure packages that will make a tourist’s stay very memorable. Most of their itineraries are aquatic related events such as snorkeling, diving and of course butanding or whale shark interaction.

Nature has its own way of giving relaxation and relief to tired and overly stressed bodies. Therefore it is a simple reminder to at least appreciate and respect Mother Nature. Sorsogon City has been a manifestation of a caring child for Mother Nature as the place promotes, preserves and improves the beauty of Mother Nature. Everybody is called to be a nature lover.

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