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Manila Hotel – A Fine Establishment

Manila Hotel – A Fine Establishment

If you’ve decided to come to Manila to experience the Philippines’ culturally-rich capital, finding the best hotel to stay at isn’t a tough challenge. Any traveler who would like to experience the rich cultural heritage of this country could have one hotel destination to go to. The Manila Hotel embodies what the Philippines is as a country and the Filipinos are as a warm and hospitable people. Here are the reasons why Manila Hotel should be on the top of your Manila hotel list.


Manila Hotel is located right in the heart of the city of Manila. With a breathtaking view of the Manila Bay, 3 ½ hectare Manila Hotel is along Roxas Boulevard and several minutes from shopping malls and historical tourist destinations of the city.

Rich Cultural Destination

Established in 1912, Manila Hotel visitors are provided with an interesting peek of the Philippine History and culture. Famous personalities and Philippine Presidents have stayed at the hotel which even more gives the hotel a sense of cultural pride and world-class claim to excellent hotel service.

Manila Hotel’s location also provides easy access for travelers to visit the world-famous Rizal Park, which is named after Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. The centuries-old “walled city” also known as “Intramuros” can be reached on foot.

Manila Hotel is also widely accessible to Manila’s shopping malls and restaurants.

World-Class Amenities

A stay at the Manila Hotel would give any traveler a chance to experience the best of what Philippines is known for; Filipino hospitality. The hotel makes sure that everyone gets to experience the warm and best service while staying in the culturally-rich and world-class hotel. Security is also well-placed as the hotel takes pride in keycard electronic lock system and a secure in-room safe. Comfort is well-provided with Manila Hotel’s exquisite and classical designed rooms, remote control TV, fully stocked mini bar and separate bath and toilet.

Breathtaking Views

Manila Hotel guests are treated with a top view angle of the Philippines’ capital as the hotel provides a breathtaking view of Intramuros, Rizal Park and Manila Bay. Manila Hotel also allows its guests to have a look at the wonderful sunset on Manila Bay.
So, if you are now preparing your things and looking forward to a pleasurable Manila trip, booking a room at Manila Hotel could be one of your best options. Manila Hotel can give you a one-of-a-kind hotel service that would make you think that you’re living life the best you can in Manila. At almost a century-old, only Manila Hotel could provide its guests a comparison of the culturally-rich Philippine past and the artistically modern Philippine culture.

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