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Dumaguete Shopping

Dumaguete Shopping

The Dumaguete shopping scene does not exactly cater to the upscale designer clientele but at least this charming city offers unique bargains and finds. Since the city is not exactly big, you will be able to find majority of shopping havens right in the downtown area in which you can walk from one store to another without even breaking a sweat. Let us introduce you to the highlights you would want to see in the Dumaguete shopping scene.

Probably the oldest and the biggest mall that you can find in the Dumaguete shopping scene is Lee Super Plaza located right in the heart of the city. You cannot miss this mall since majority of public transportation drives through and around this place. Within you will find everything from food and groceries to fashionable and affordable clothes, toiletries and furniture. This is the only place where you will find Adidas, Nike and Mossimo outlets.

Since there is but one big mall in the city, the rest of the Dumaguete shopping scene is confined to little boutiques and stores. An interesting hang out that has just recently been opened is Portal West. This building houses fashionable boutiques for both men and women and even kids. You can enjoy your spare time in one of the restaurants or ice cream bars. The Portal West building also houses Philippines famous bookstore called the National Bookstore where bookworms will truly find whatever their looking for.

There are also several other boutiques and specialty shops in the Dumaguete shopping scene such as the Gift Shop. The Gift Shop specializes in handmade jewelry and arts and crafts for an affordable price. The owner of this store (whose name is Gift) makes each and every item herself to put the extra love into an item. You can even order or specialize an item to your every wish. You can also check out Handumanan where you will find hand-made and hand-woven tribal jewelry at a great price.

If you are more of a tech savvy person and if you are looking for your perfect tech accessory then you might head to Octagon or to AAC Tech where you can find the latest gadgets and gismos waiting for you. If you don’t find what you are looking for then you can simply order your desired product in one of those stores and enjoy your item a few days later of course straight from the Dumaguete shopping scene.

Even though the Dumaguete shopping scene is small, it comes with and charming and intimate flair that attracts people to buy and buy. Maybe the next time you get to enjoy this city, you will probably also enjoy the Dumaguete shopping scene.

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