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Unique Ways to Travel Across the Philippines

Unique Ways to Travel Across the Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago blessed with 7,100 plus islands. Some of these islands are huge such as Luzon Island while others are quite small that they surface only during low tides. As such, traveling in the Philippines require different modes of transportation. Travel in the Philippines is done through air, sea and by land and each offers different experiences and rewards.

Traveling in the Philippines by air can be done without much hassle. There are several air carriers that offer reasonable fares to many tourist destinations in the archipelago. Traveling the Philippines by air will allow you a bird’s peak and will probably explain why the country is known as the Pearl of the Orient.

Another way to travel in the Philippines is by sea aboard a ship. Most ships offer luxurious amenities for those with discriminating taste. While on board, ship crews offer activities for the whole family or you may simply sit on the balcony and travel across the Philippines and enjoy rock formations or white beaches on isolated islands your ship may passed by.

The last but the most adventurous way to travel in the Philippines is by land. Traveling in the Philippines can be done by train, bus, jeepney, tricycle or even bicycle. Also each city or town can offer you its own unique ride through its streets. Jeepneys are based from jeeps used by Americans during World War 2. They have evolved through the years that some can now accommodate 50 passengers including those on the roof!

The tricycle is another mode of transportation that makes it exciting to travel in the Philippines. Each city or town has its own peculiar design. In Pagadian City in the island of Mindanao, tricycle passengers ride facing the sky. Drivers claim that the town is hilly and thus, passenger cars are designed that way to promote balance. You travel across the Philippines aboard a tricycle that appears ready to launch into space! Tricycles in other towns have seats in the back of the passenger car.

Travel in the Philippines can now be fun, rewarding and inexpensive. You can travel by air and reach your destination by an hour. Or if you have more time to waste, you can ride a ship and cruise across the archipelago and arrive by the following day. If you prefer more adventure albeit more taxing and rewarding, you can travel the Philippines by land. You can try riding a bus, a jeepney or even a tricycle. You will get there and still have fun.

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